Vivo V25 Pro  Review Highlights

Shubham Raheja

August 17, 2022

The Vivo V25 Pro feels excellent in hand, it’s lightweight, slim, and, more importantly, its aspect ratio is perfectly suited for typing.

The screen is crisp, saturated, vibrant and responsive, with decent viewing angles.

The UI experience is mostly smooth for light day-to-day use, though it starts to freak out a bit with a bit of heavy lifting.

The phone has a ton of bloat, some of which can be uninstalled, and the rest can be disabled. 

In daylight, the camera clicks nice, detailed photos. The primary camera clicks much better pictures at night compared to the ultrawide, thanks to the OIS.

Bottom-firing speaker that falls short of expectations. Because of its placement, it is prone to getting in the way of your palm.

We were able to squeeze out about seven and a half hours worth of screen on time in our testing.

The Vivo V25 Pro's distinguishing feature is its display and design, and the phone is similar to the much lower-priced Oppo Reno 8 5G but lacks the fancy air gestures.