Vivo X80





The phone has a premium feel to it and is comfortable to hold. To be honest, this phone appears to be superior than any other phone we've used in the last few years.


The display turns incredibly bright, and Vivo's operating system allows you to customise the screen colours to your liking. The phone's curving edges give it a practically bezel-less appearance.


The phone works flawlessly in real-world situations. We enjoyed the feel of 120Hz scrolling, the app's opening and shutting rates were excellent, and we never felt the need for more power during my usage.


We compared the X80 against our iPhone 13 Pro and were surprised to find how well it held up against what is often regarded the best camera phone on the market right now.


The X80 comes with a 4500mAh battery, which is comparable to the battery performance of most premium Android phones in 2022.


The Vivo X80 provides fast, dependable performance, a good battery life with speedy charging, excellent picture quality, and a variety of innovative camera modes.