WhatsApp Scam on YouTube Likes: Explained

Shubham Dutt

A new WhatsApp scam is getting popular in India. We tell you what is it and how to be safe from this scam.

People have been falling for this WhatsApp scam and they are ending up losing real money.

In this new scam, users are being asked to like YouTube videos to get real money.

The scammers offer Rs 50 per like and convince victims that they can earn up to 5000 per day.

For payment transactions, they ask you to provide personal information. For that, you will be asked to install an app.

This is where they inject Trojan malware into your phone and get all the access.

They would ask to transfer Re 1 for verification in the following process and get your PIN code.

Now they will debit a huge amount of money from your bank account. Therefore, don’t fall for this scam.