WhatsApp Voice Calls Getting Much Requested Feature on PC

Shubham Dutt

Besides messaging, WhatsApp is actively used for voice and video calls with another person. It supports video calls for up to 32 people together. It is adding another big feature now.

This upcoming WhatsApp feature will be helpful for those who regularly use the messaging app on their PC or laptops. Previously, WhatsApp added a sidebar for Windows users.

WhatsApp rolled out the calling feature on the desktop version back in March 2021 that lets everyone make voice and video calls on the big screen.

Now, in the latest beta version for Windows, the 2.2246.4.0 update, WhatsApp is adding a call tab in the sidebar of the app. The app has rolled out to beta users on Microsoft store.

The call icon on WhatsApp for Windows shows only the calls that are being made from that specific device.

We expect that WhatsApp will soon add call sync across devices in the stable version. This will sync all the calls made across different devices together.

WhatsApp is testing another feature for desktop users that allows them to put up a screen lock on the app.