Xiaomi 12S Ultra: In Pictures

Ketan Pratap

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra's massive camera module feels like it has been taken out from a point-and-shoot camera.

The phone's display is stunning, measuring 6.73 inches in size and peaking at 1500 nits.

The eco silicone leather back panel is reminiscent of the Leica design aesthetic. The phone's most notable design feature is its back panel.

 The 12S Ultra is an absolute monster when it comes to capturing details, and the best thing we liked was the colours which were true to reality. 

The biggest strength of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is the Pro lenses used for Portrait mode, and there’s a 35mm Black & White mode, 50mm Swirly bokeh, and 90mm soft focus. 

The low-light shots we clicked were rich in colours. While the noise was in check, there were incredible details, and the colours again were natural. 

Long thing short, Xiaomi 12S Ultra is the best camera smartphone that has come out from the house of Xiaomi.