Websites To Download Games For PC: Steam, Epic Store, Softpedia, and More

Want to know the best websites to download games for PC? Here they are!


Bitter truth! Games for PC are not free, in fact, the prices hiked in past years. This disheartened the gamers a lot, to the point where the fraudsters started providing the game links on malicious websites.

Consequently, the rise of viruses (malicious software) infected their PCs a lot, and ransomware attacks also happened in the name of free PC gaming links. The malicious websites promising free PC games also increased manyfold. But, don’t worry, as we are providing you with the top websites to download games for PC. Keep reading it till the end to know everything including supported platforms and much more.

Top websites to Download Games for PC

1). Ocean Of Games

ocean of games

As the name says, Ocean Of Games is full of amazing gaming genres such as sports, action, adventure, free-world, and simulation. You can find NBA 2K to GTA 5 here quite easily. All links are freely available. The layout of the website is user-friendly and the reviews are nice too.

Top Features of Ocean Of Games

  • Fast Speed – The speed of the website is very fast.
  • User-friendly Layout – The UI is designed in such a way, that a user does need not to work hard to find his/her favorite game.
  • All links are free – All the games are available for free, and a user can download them without spending a single penny.
  • Top Library of Games – You’ll find plenty of games there. Even the top-rated ones.
Pros Cons
Easy to use Old games are not available
Fast speed Not much information regarding system requirements
Top games Sometimes glitchy

Supported platforms: Windows / macOS

Visit: Ocean Of Games

2). Steam


Steam is one of the oldest licensed gaming download platforms on the internet. Its popularity is humungous too. Many epic games such as Prince Of Persia and GTA 5 were first launched on this. Also, the platform has much-renowned gaming developer’s titles across the globe.

Top Features of Steam

  • Numerous titles – The platform has numerous game titles from globally recognized studios, indie creators, developers, etc.
  • Quick Downloads – Steam provides easy and fast downloads.
  • Multiplayer support – Having multiplayer support is an added advantage for gamers on this platform.
Pros Cons
Quick downloads Can have security issues
Many genres Customer support is poor
Top games Annoying ads 

Supported platforms: Windows / macOS

Visit: Steam

3). Epic Games Store

epic games store

Epic Games Store is a well-known gaming platform company that has a wide user base. Thanks to its amazing customer support, it has the highest satisfaction rate. It also encourages several content creators to join live streams and connect with the community. Due to all of this, it is emerging as tough competition among competitors.

Top Features of Epic Games Store

  • Exclusive games – The platform has exclusive game titles for its users.
  • Free game giveaways – The platform keeps on providing free game giveaways.
  • High satisfaction rate – Due to amazing customer support, it has the highest satisfaction rate.
Pros Cons
Free game every week Some major titles are missing
You can make your own game Has no cloud save
Many gaming bundles No library sorting

Supported platforms: Windows / macOS

Visit: Epic Games Store

4). Origin


Origin is among the largest gaming companies in the world, mainly because of owned and operated by Electronic Arts (EA). It contains a huge library of premium games that hold titles such as FIFA, Need For Speed, F1, etc. The best part is, Origin keeps launching new free games along with their free trial versions.

Top Features of Origin

  • New games every now and then – The platform keeps on launching new games for its users.
  • Good Customer Support – The platform provides very good customer support.
  • Available in multiple languages – The platform is available in 19 languages.
Pros Cons
Easy to use and handle Limited to EA games
Early access to new games Not on Mac or Linux
Fast downloads Not much discount

Supported platforms: Windows

Visit: Origin

5). My Real Games

my real games

My Real Games is another very popular gaming site that provides one of the best online games for its users. It has a large collection of card and pool games enjoyed by millions worldwide. The website speed is fast. And game servers are responsive too. So, if you’re a card or pool games lover, look nowhere as this is the best platform for it.

Top Features of My Real Games

  • Millions of visits – The platform is very popular with millions of visits every month.
  • Free downloads – The site provides reliable and free downloads with no viruses at all.
  • No registration – The best part is the user need not register or login to use it.
Pros Cons
Fast speed Sometimes shut down without any intimation
Easy access to new games Only for card and pool games
Fast downloads Gives a black screen sometimes

Supported platforms: Windows / macOS

Visit: My Real Games

6). GOG


The term GOG earlier stood for Good old games, and it’s a digital distribution platform. This platform has a classic collection of games such as Rise of the Dragon, Jazz Jackrabbit, and much more. They also offer a couple of premium games for free every year. So if you are a classic game lover, then GOG is best for you.

Top Features of GOG

  • Vast gaming library – The platform has a vast gaming library entertaining millions.
  • Discount on games – The games available here are at a good discount.
  • DRM-free – This means that there are no anti-piracy mechanisms.
Pros Cons
Fast speed The focus is on the classic collection
DRM Free Sometimes glitchy
Extremely Safe A limited selection of games

Supported platforms: Windows / macOS

Visit: GOG

7). Softpedia


Softpedia in reality is a free downloader that provides full versions of many games and other software. You can download any game by searching its name there, and the chances are high of finding the full version. Many games ranging from genres of puzzles to action are there. So, this could be a great pick as well.

Top Features of Softpedia

  • Easy access – The Softpedia provides easy access to games and downloading process is also very easy.
  • No additional software requirement – It allows you to download directly without the need for any other software.
  • Reasonable rates – The paid games are also at reasonable rates.
Pros Cons
Fast speed Some software comes with hidden malware
Easy access Sometimes technical problems occur
Reasonable Prices Not-so-good support

Supported platforms: Windows / macOS

Visit: Softpedia


So this was all regarding the best websites to download games for PC. Let us know if you have more suggestions in the comment section below.