WhatsApp Upcoming Feature May Let You Share Animated Emojis in Chat: Here’s What We Know

WhatsApp will soon let users share animated emojis with their contacts.

  • WhatsApp is working on an animated emoji feature for its users.
  • The instant messaging platform will use the Lottie library for this purpose.
  • As of now, users can send animated stickers through third-party apps.


WhatsApp Animated Emojis will launch soon as the instant messaging platform is beta testing the feature. According to WABetaInfo, the messaging platform is working with the Lottie library to offer animated emojis to its users. The report doesn’t reveal which beta version carries the feature, but it goes without saying that you have to be on the latest version to try it out. WhatsApp is constantly working on improving the messaging experience for its users. And the new animated emojis will only add to the overall messaging experience.

WhatsApp Animated Emojis Coming Soon in a Future Update

WhatsApp is reportedly working with LottieFiles to integrate animated emojis on the platform. For the uninitiated, Lottie Library offers a JSON-based animation file format that allows any platform to integrate animated assets as easily as static assets. WABetaInfo spotted the feature in a WhatsApp Desktop beta and is expected to release soon in a future app update.

Notably, users can send animated stickers through third-party apps. However, many of these third-party sticker packs are dubious and not trusted. Having animated emojis built into the app will let users express their emotions freely without downloading another app. Moreover, the animated emojis add a level of fun to the way you interact with your contacts, making the messaging experience all the more enjoyable.

WABetaInfo notes that the feature is currently in work for the WhatsApp Desktop app and might release in a future update. However, they also confirm that the Meta-owned messaging app is also working on bringing the feature to its Android and iOS platforms. Currently, there is no word on when exactly the feature will roll out to desktop and mobile users.

Speaking of iOS, WhatsApp Beta for iOS also received an improved media picker in version number The messaging platform has added a new bottom toolbar in the media picker for iOS. Those who use WhatsApp Beta for iOS will see a new toolbar at the bottom showing which photos and videos they chose while sending media to a contact. Additionally, WhatsApp has also changed the screen lock view for its app. The new screen lock view is more modern and intuitive, with the text and lock icon moved up with the Face ID icon in the middle.

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