WhatsApp Brings Much-Needed Options For Polls: Now You Can Create Single-Vote Polls

WhatsApp introduced the Polls feature back in November 2022.

  • WhatsApp brings some much-needed enhancements for Polls.
  • All users can now forward media with captions.
  • These updates have started rolling out to users globally.


WhatsApp has already released a few major updates this year for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop. The Meta-owned platform recently announced WhatsApp Companion Mode, which allows you to seamlessly use the same WhatsApp account on four different smartphones. Also, the company introduced new security features like account protection, device verification, and auto security codes.

Now, the world’s most popular personal messaging platform has announced new features and enhancements to WhatsApp Polls. Poll options were rolled out in November 2022 for Android and iOS users. However, the biggest drawback was that the Polls options did not allow users to vote for a single choice from the list. Now, WhatsApp has added a much-needed fix to the same. In addition to this, the app has also gained a few more tricks. Let’s take a look at all details.

WhatsApp Gets Single Choice Voting Options For Polls

We would not be wrong to call this one of the much-awaited features coming with the new update. WhatsApp has finally managed to bring the option to restrict the audience to vote for only one choice in the poll. While this feature should have been there in the first place, it’s here. Better late than never.

To create a single-vote poll, all you have to do is to disable the toggle which says “Allow multiple answers” while creating the poll. This will allow users to cast only one vote. This will also notify users by saying “select one” just above the choices, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Further, WhatsApp now allows you to filter messages by polls, just like you can for photos, videos, audio, documents, GIFs, etc. The option will appear on the main screen when you tap the search option.

Further, the app now allows you to forward media with a caption. This will add more context to media, such as photos or videos. In addition, you have the option to keep, delete or completely rewrite it to give extra information when sharing photos between chats.

Lastly, the update also brings the ability to add captions for documents. All the aforementioned features are now rolling out to users globally. While we have received all the updates on our end, it might take a few days to reach all users globally.