WhatsApp Feature to Migrate Android Chats to iOS in the Works, Might Release Soon

You will soon be able to import your Whatsapp chats from Android to iOS.

Whatsapp may finally let Android users to move their Whatsapp chats from Android to iOS. Currently, the feature is only available for iOS users who wish to move their chats to Android phone.

But, the process is a pain and takes a long time. Last year, Whatsapp had introduced this feature for selected Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones but now it looks like that the company is ready to rollout this feature for all devices.

A report from Whatsapp Beta tracker, WABetainfo reveals that Whatsapp for iOS beta version 22.2.74 shows that the new feature is in the works that allows users to import chat from an Android device. Let’s know more about the upcoming feature.

Whatsapp Chats From Android to iOS Devices Coming Soon

WAbetainfo has shared the screenshots from Whatsapp for iOS version 22.2.74. We can see in the screenshots that Whatsapp will soon allow its iOS users to import chats from Android devices. It indicates that the major problem of Whatsapp iOS users could be ending soon as users would be able to import chats from their previous Android devices.

The feature is currently in the making and is not available to beta testers yet. Therefore, it is possible that this feature will take some time to come out officially.

The Whatsapp beta version for Android users had suggested an option to move chat history to iOS from an Android device. A similar option was seen on beta version

While the whole process is usually done via Internet, there could be an option to move these chats through a USB Type C to lightning cable, suggest WAbetainfo. Android users may need to download and install Move to iOS app on their devices in order to move chat history to iOS.

Last year in August, Whatsapp had allowed the migration of chat history from Samsung Galaxy Z series device to an iPhone. The feature was expanded to Pixel devices in October 2021. This feature could be available to Android devices running Android 12 out of the box. It would be interesting to see when Whatsapp will actually rollout this feature officially.

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