WhatsApp Group Calls Can Now Be Initiated With 31 Participants Simultaneously

WhatsApp currently allows users to initiate a group call with only 15 people.

  • WhatsApp Group Calls can now be initiated with 31 participants at the same time.
  • Currently, the Meta-owned messaging platform allows users to initiate group chats with 15 people.
  • Users could start a group call with 15 participants with the remaining joining later.

WhatsApp Group Calls is getting a much-needed upgrade with the latest stable update that has started rolling out. According to the popular WhatsApp beta tracking publication WABetaInfo, the latest stable update for iOS brings the ability to start a group video call with more participants simultaneously. Notably, while the app allows users to have up to 32 participants in a video call, they can initiate the call with only 15 people. The latest iOS update for the app changes that. Let’s take a look at the new WhatsApp Group Call feature.

WhatsApp Group Call on iOS Can Now Be Started With More People

WhatsApp for iOS now lets users initiated group calls with 31 participants.
WhatsApp for iOS now lets users initiate group calls with 31 participants.

WABetaInfo recently spotted a group call feature in WhatsApp for Android beta that allowed users to initiate a group call with 31 participants at the same time. The feature was limited to select beta users at the time. However, the Meta-owned messaging company is now offering the feature to iPhone users with the WhatsApp 23.21.72 update for iOS on the App Store. iPhone users can simply update the app from the App Store to benefit from the upgrade group call feature on WhatsApp.

As mentioned before, WhatsApp allowed users to host group video calls with up to 32 participants. However, the group calls could be initiated with only 15 people at the time and the remaining were required to join later. The new feature eliminates the extra step of joining later. With the latest update, users can select 31 participants at the time of initiating the group call to start with a maximum capacity of 32 including themselves. The feature is widely available to iOS users at the moment and should roll out to Android users in the coming days.

WhatsApp is continuously working on offering better features to its users for a great experience while using the app. Recently, the company also introduced one of the most-requested features from users. WhatsApp now allows users to have two different accounts on the same device with separate numbers. It’s helpful for those who maintain a professional and personal WhatsApp account. The feature eliminates the need to carry two smartphones for work and personal purposes.

Additionally, the messaging app has also been improving security features with the introduction of passkeys and secret code features. The former allows users to securely log back into their WhatsApp account and the latter can be used to access secured chats directly by entering a secret code in the WhatsApp search bar.