WhatsApp Group Name List: 200+ Best WhatsApp Group Names for Friends, Family, and More

WhatsApp group names can be tricky at times, here is your handy guide for group names.


With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is arguably the best message platform. In India, WhatsApp has become a synonym for text messages replacing the SMS app on smartphones. Each day millions of messages in the form of text, audio, and video are shared across WhatsApp personal chats and groups. WhatsApp group is one of the primary reasons why the messaging platform is famous and most users are part of multiple groups.

A WhatsApp group can now hold up to 512 members with the new update, which means you can now have larger groups now. With 10s of groups already existing, creating a new group with a good name can be tricky at times. In this guide, we have listed more than 120 WhatsApp Group names for family and friends. Some of these names are inspired by some shows, movies, songs, and characters. It is also worth mentioning that a group name should not exceed 25 characters including alphabets, number values, special characters, and emojis.Whatsapp

We have included some of the best group names for boys, girls, working professionals, movie buffs, best friends and for families. Let’s get started.

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150+ Best WhatsApp Group Names for Family and Friends

  1. Back Benchers
  2. The Geek Squad
  3. Cousins Adda
  4. Fantastic Four
  5. The Marvels
  6. Mavericks
  7. The Squad
  8. Homies
  9. Through Thick and Thin
  10. Home Sweet Home
  11. Bro Gang
  12. Rising Stars
  13. Three Musketeers
  14. Recycle Bin
  15. Welcome to Chaos
  16. The Family Gang
  17. Crazy Engineers
  18. Corporate Life
  19. Future Billionaires
  20. Memers Adda
  21. Jokers
  22. The Minions
  23. The Dream Team
  24. Chat Lounge
  25. Best Friends Club
  26. No Spamming
  27. The  Drama club
  28. Ghantaa Engineers
  29. Chatty Familia
  30. Happy House
  31. Superstar Family
  32. Us ❤️ 
  33. Brothers from Diff Mothers
  34. Happy Hour
  35. Selfie Squad
  36. Walky Talky
  37. The Chatters
  38. The Whiz Kids
  39. The Chamber of Secrets
  40. Swaggers
  41. Area 51
  42. Kings & Queens
  43. The Pro Bros
  44. The Webslingers
  45. Cape Crusaders
  46. The Meme Team
  47. The Chamber of Secrets
  48. The Alter Egos
  49. Area 51
  50. Gossip Girls
  51. All Us Single Ladies
  52. True Friends, True Spirits
  53. The Wonders of the World
  54. Enter at your own risk
  55. Avengers
  56. Open Book
  57. Ultra Humans
  58. Zero Spamming
  59. Just do it
  60. Just Smile, Everyday
  61. Pin Drop Nonsense.
  62. Strangers
  63. The Spartans
  64. Engineering in Progress
  65. Game of phones
  66. The Future of India
  67. Youths of India
  68. Inhumans
  69. Go-Getters
  70. Trash Talk
  71. Mr perfects
  72. Mrs perfects
  73. My Amigos
  74. Lucky Charms
  75. Chor Bazaar
  76. 404-Not found
  77. Family Club
  78. The Amazing Family
  79. Silent killers
  80. Three Idiots
  81. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
  82. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
  83. Glowing stars
  84. Chunky Monkeys
  85. Cricket Adda
  86. Sports Adda
  87. The Rooftop
  88. Tech Ninjas
  89. Blockheads
  90. The Queen Bees
  91. Queens Lounge
  92. We Grow Together
  93. Ghostriders
  94. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
  95. Modern Family
  96. Rose for Days
  97. Parivar. Aadarsh. Parampara
  98. Family Gang
  99. Mad House
  100. The Uncalled Four
  101. Civil Disobedients
  102. Just Bold Ladies
  103. The terrible three
  104. The famous five
  105. The Friendship Ship
  106. My Ride Or Dies
  107. Familia
  108. The Public Square
  109. 7 Rings
  110. innocent girls
  111. leading ladies
  112. Fashion Divas
  113. Swag Partners
  114. The Teen Kids
  115. The Eighth Wonder
  116. Dhoom Machale
  117. The Food Lovers
  118. Trekkers
  119. Goa Chale Hum
  120. Dead Souls
  121. 50 Shades of Slay
  122. The Alpha & Omega
  123. Desi Boyz
  124. Believe. Become
  125. Mountain Lovers
  126. Wandering Minds
  127. Never Settle
  128. Co-Workers
  129. Breaking News
  130. Men At Work
  131. Mom’s The Boss
  132. Tech Geeks
  133. The Family Gang
  134. Cool Family
  135. Dad is Don
  136. So-called Engineers
  137. Walky Talky
  138. The Spartans
  139. Donut Lose
  140. Silly Bellies
  141. Wardog Assassins
  142. Unstoppables
  143. Silent Killers
  144. Mister Maniacs
  145. Big Shots
  146. Crew X
  147. United Army
  148. Rose for Days
  149. Trouble Makers
  150. Cool Dudes
  151. Hike & Bike
  152. Number Ones Since Day One
  153. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  154. The Fab Five
  155. Cousin Power
  156. Adventures in texting
  157. Just Peachy
  158. The Meme Team
  159. Remarkable Falcons
  160. Music Maniacs
  161. The Bum Chums
  162. The Troubleshooters
  163. What Goes Up
  164. Rock and Roll
  165. Club of Crazyness
  166. Best Buddies in Life
  167. Hang Over
  168. Gang Bang
  169. Devils Vs Angels
  170. We are Hulks
  171. Kung Fu Pandas
  172. King of Good Times
  173. Real Players
  174. Innocent Girls
  175. Life Suckers
  176. Rockstars
  177. जब तक है जान
  178. House Of Hunters
  179. Two and a Half Men
  180. Gorgeous subjective
  181. Rocking Family
  182. Punjab de Sher
  183. Hungry for Shopping
  184. Chor Bazaar
  185. Warriors
  186. The Drifters
  187. Five Stars
  188. The Breakfast Club
  189. The Folks
  190. पड़ोसन
  191. Team Knowledge
  192. Girls of the Galaxy
  193. Non-Stop Chatter
  194. Girls on Fire
  195. All us Single Ladies
  196. Lets Party Guys
  197. Andaz Apna apna
  198. Fusion Girls
  199. Dhamaka Gang
  200. The Unknowns
  201. Balle Balle Balle

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How to Change Group Name in WhatsApp

Once you have decided to rename the existing group, here is how you can go ahead and change the WhatsApp group name on the app with a few simple steps. As a reminder, you can only have 25 characters for a group name.

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Select a group to which you want to change the name
  3. Tap on three dots on the top right corner
  4. Select Group info

    How to Change Group Name in WhatsApp

  5. Tap on three dots on the top right corner again
  6. Select Change Subject
  7. Enter the new group name  (You can add emoji to your subject by tapping Emoji cion)

    How to Change Group Name in WhatsApp

  8. Tap on Ok

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Can I use emojis in a WhatsApp group name?

Yes, you can use emojis to add some fun and personality to a WhatsApp group name. Simply tap on the emoji icon when typing in the group name and select the ones you want to use.

How do I choose a WhatsApp group name that everyone likes?

Choosing a WhatsApp group name that everyone likes can be tricky, especially if there are a lot of members with different tastes and preferences. One way to do this is to create a poll and ask everyone to vote on their favorite name. You can also try to find a name that is relevant and meaningful to everyone in the group.

Can I change the WhatsApp group name multiple times?

Yes, you can change the WhatsApp group name as many times as you want. However, keep in mind that changing the name too often can be confusing for group members and make it difficult to keep track of the group’s purpose or theme. It’s a good idea to choose a name that everyone likes and stick with it for a while.