WhatsApp Introduces New Call Links Feature for Windows App that Lets Users Send Invite Link to Join Calls

WhatsApp is rolling out the Call Link feature for Windows beta users.

  • WhatsApp announced the Call Link feature last year.
  • It is now testing the feature for Windows users.
  • Users on WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2307.3.0 are now getting the Call Link feature on their app.


WhatsApp, last year, announced the Call Links feature for its users. In September 2022, it rolled out the feature for its users on the mobile app. It works similarly to other popular meeting apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more. This is available for both voice calls as well as video calls. WhatsApp calls are hugely popular and the introduction of this feature has made calls even more convenient than before.

Now, in a recent move, WhatsApp is now rolling out the Call Links feature to Windows users. Let’s take a look at WhatsApp bringing Call Links feature to Windows and how it works.

Call Link Spotted on WhatsApp Windows Beta App

Popular WhatsApp tipster, WABetaInfo states that the Meta-owned app is rolling out a new feature for Windows beta users. Users on WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2307.3.0 are now getting the Call Link feature on their app. Because of this feature, anyone will be able to join the respective calls just by clicking on the link on the desktop. The feature is already available for Android and iOS users.

As per the screenshot shared above, there’s a dedicated Call section where users will have a feature to setup links for call. For that, a user will need to click on Create Call Link option and then choose the call type. The call type will have two options – voice call or video call. Once selected, there will be an option to copy the link below. Just click on it and you are good to go now. Just forward this to the person or group where you want users to join the call.

The URL will be unique always and no one will be able to join a call without a users’ approval, states the report by WABetaInfo. Those who are not in your contacts can also join a call which would be one of the most convenient features. You can also share the call link outside of WhatsApp which makes it useful like other apps such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.

Everything You Need to Know About Call Link

In Call Link feature, you create a link for a call and share it with up to 32 members via personal message or you can post the link in a group. Up to 32 members can join the call using the link shared. This works for both audio calls and video calls. One advantage here is that you can share the link with anyone who is not in your contact as well.

With WhatsApp now having this feature for both smartphone and desktop users, it will serve as an alternative to Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.