WhatsApp New Feature May Let You Exit Groups Silently, Likely to Be Added in Future Updates

WhatsApp is working on a number of new features for their group messaging services, with this being one of the upcoming ones.


WhatsApp is adding the ability for users to quietly exit a group, instead of notifying every member of the group whenever you exit it. The move is still in beta stage, so it’s not in advanced development stage or ready for rollout as yet. However, given that it is built for being integrated across WhatsApp’s iOS, Android and web apps, it looks like the feature would be coming quite soon.

WhatsApp Quiet Exit Groups: How it Would Work

WhatsApp has been working on a number of features to enhance the group messaging experience on the app for some time now. The ability to quietly exit a group will seemingly show up as a prompt going forward when you press the ‘leave group’ button, and let you know that only you and the admin(s) of a group would get to know that you left the group. Notifying an admin is an obvious step, since as curators of a group, they would be kept in the know about people joining a group or leaving it.

Such a move would mean that if you wish to quietly move out of your family group and if your cousin is the admin of the group, you should get away with it — without needing to explain your action to your parents. It would also help you leave old, defunct groups without suddenly notifying the members left in it that you were probably on an archive search spree last night.

Such a feature seemingly comes as WhatsApp is also looking to further expand the size of each group. According to reports, WhatsApp is soon going to revise the max group size up to 512 members. The move comes as WhatsApp recently introduced Communities, in a bid to help users group together multiple groups of the same theme.

For instance, if you have multiple office groups that you are a part of, the admins of these groups would be able to join the overall office community on WhatsApp, which would be a master group of sorts. With an increased group size, the app is making scope for even bigger Communities to be hosted through the app.

With the quiet exit feature, WhatsApp is also clearly making way for you to leave one or more such groups, without making a public fuss out of it.