WhatsApp Testing Continuous Voice Message And Group Calling Shortcut Features

WhatsApp is testing two interesting and time-saving features. While the first one allows continuous voice message playback, the other is group calling shortcut.


WhatsApp seems to be testing some interesting features. However, the web-based instant messaging platform has not even allowed its loyal beta testing group to access or trial them. The platform wants to offer continuous playback of multiple voice messages, and deploy an easy-to-access group calling shortcut.

Developers working on WhatsApp are clearly working on two interesting features that would significantly improve functionality and make mass communication easier. Incidentally, the features or their presence has been observed within the code of the WhatsApp Beta App. However, developers seem reluctant to offer them up for trial as the features are not enabled even for the beta testers who accept the risk or running applications or software that would obviously contain some bugs or issues.

WhatsApp Testing Continuous Voice Message Playback and Group Calling Shortcut

Reports circulating on the internet claim the new WhatsApp features under active consideration include the ability to playback multiple audio messages consecutively one after the other, and shortcuts to make group calls. Quite a few Android developers spotted the ability to continuously play received voice messages as well as the ability to make a group call through a simple shortcut. This confirms the assumption that WhatsApp is planning to deploy the features soon.

Strangely, despite the presence of the code in the Beta version of WhatsApp clearly pointing to the development of these features, the developers haven’t enabled them even for beta users.

WhatsApp Group Calling

The Continuous Playback feature detects multiple voice messages. The feature simply instructs the app to play all the voice messages one after the other. Once enabled, users simply need to tap on the first voice message. After the voice message ends, WhatsApp will start playing the next. The playlist will continue until the app plays out the last voice message.

Interestingly, the developers have even built in audio clues to let the WhatsApp user know about the beginning and the end of each voice message. The first audio cue will play when one audio message has played out and there is another message ready for playback. The second one will play when the voice message has completed playback and there are no pending messages.

How Does The Group Calling Shortcut In WhatsApp Work?

The second feature the platform is apparently testing is a ‘Group Call’ feature. WhatsApp may deploy the shortcut at the top-right corner of the group conversation. Incidentally, tapping on the same will not instantly start a group call with all the members. When users will click on the shortcut, the app will present them with a list of the members in the group. Incidentally, to make group call, users must save all the contacts in their contact list.

WhatsApp Group Calling Shortcut
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Once the users select the contacts, they will have the ability to either make a video or an audio call. Selecting one of the options, will initiate the relevant group call. Incidentally, Group Calling is enabled in WhatsApp. However, the present process is a bit cumbersome. It involves initiating a call with one of the group member. Users can and then manually add other members in the call one by one.

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