Why I Am Buying a Google Pixel 6a During Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale, Despite Its Flaws

Sometimes, it’s okay to buy phones just because they are fun

Google Pixel 6a

The Google Pixel 6a is one of the hottest deals right now during the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale in India, The Pixel 6a, which was launched in India just a couple of months ago has received a massive discount of Rs 9,800 discount and on top of that, the Flipkart is offering an attractive card offer of Rs 6,500, which brings down the price down to Rs 27,699. 

The latest Pixel 6a is one of the phones with massive discounts available right now for under Rs 30,000 in India. The price is even less compared to the current selling price in the US market, which is not something we have witnessed in the past. Like any other Android enthusiast, I was intrigued by this massive offer, which was revealed a few days before the sale and I ordered the Pixel 6a right at midnight as soon as the sale started. But, the Pixel 6a is not a perfect phone even with massive discounts, there are a few flaws or drawbacks. 

While the first set of reviews came out, many reviewers suggested the Pixel 6a is a hard phone to recommend at Rs 43,999 一 as it is too steep of a price to pay for a mid-range phone from Google. However, things changed when Google dropped the price. Even with this massive price cut, the Pixel 6a’s flaws are somewhat a black mark for many. In this article, I will explain why I pre-order the Pixel 6a during the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale even when the phone has its drawbacks. 

I Always Wanted A Pixel Phone and Google Dropped the Price at the Right Time

Like many other Android fans, I have always wanted to own a Pixel smartphone ever since Google introduced the Pixel series back in 2016. Although the first few generations were launched in India, because of the high price, I couldn’t get any of them. While the Pixel 4a was launched at Rs 29,999 in India, I had to skip that as well because I was changing phones quite frequently back then for review purposes.

Now, in 2022 second half I was looking for a mid-range phone and the Nothing Phone (1) was my first choice, but that did not end up well. In fact, I even ordered it twice but both units were defective and I ended up returning them. while I was in search of a reliable mid-range phone, Flipkart announced this excellent offer and it was just the perfect time for me — I got the device for an effective price of Rs 26314 with the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit card. 

For a person who dreamt of owning a Pixel phone, this was just the right moment and there wouldn’t be a better time and offer on the latest Pixel phone. 

The Excitement of Day 1 Android Update

I have often regretted not having a Google Phone whenever a new Android version dropped. One of the main reasons why I have opted for the Pixel is the luxury of getting day one updates from Google. In addition to the day one stable update, I can also try out the Developer Preview and Beta version of the latest iteration of the software as well.

The Pixel 6a will get guaranteed Android version updates until at least July 25, 2025, and the device will get security updates until at least July 2027. This means the Pixel 6a will pick up Android 14 and Android 15 updates on day 1 for sure. In addition to all these, the Pixel phones also receive new Pixel features every three months called Pixel Drop. 

All these combined will certainly offer a great and smooth software experience and more importantly, the Android experience will be just like how Google wants to serve its users. And, of course, Pixel devices will offer a clean and pure Android experience. 

The Pixel Camera Experience 

The Pixel camera experience is one of the things I have been craving for a long time. Even on non-Pixel phones, I have tried and used the G Cam port, which gave me way better results than the regular camera. The Pixel 6a comes with a dual rear camera setup led by a 12.2MP Sony IMX363 primary and a 12MP Sony  IMX386 ultra-wide angle camera.

While these sensors are not the latest, these are Google’s reliable sensors. These sensors were the first part of the Pixel 2 lineup and despite the fact that these are a few gen old sensors, Google has managed to offer impressive results as our own reviews say  “Pixel 6a impressed us with its camera performance, and we have to admit that Pixel still has an edge against the competition, at least in the camera department”. The 8MP selfie camera can also get good results. 

While that was about the hardware, the software experience is what sets the Google Pixel 6a’s camera from the crowd. For starters, Google offers Magic Eraser that lets you remove unwanted elements from the image after you have clicked. And, then there are features like AI scene optimization, OIS + EIS, real tone, cinematic pan, face unblur, night sight, and more 一 all of these software features along with proven ol’ camera hardware certainly something I am looking forward to playing with as soon I get my hands on my device. 

The Power of Tensor

The Pixel 6 series is the first set of Pixel phones to be powered by the in-house Tensor SoC. The Pixel 6a shares the same SoC as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. One of the biggest advantages compared to its rivals is that Google has control over both the hardware and software.

The Google Tensor processor makes apps launch fast, pages and images load quickly, and everything runs smoothly. In addition to all these, the chipset’s optimization of apps will also increase the battery life of the device. The Tensor is an octa-core processor and the phone certainly can handle all the day-to-day tasks with ease. But, most reviews have reported that the device runs a bit warm while gaming, but that’s not a concern for me since I don’t play games on my phone often. 

Even though the device has only a 6GB RAM option, the Tensor SoC is expected to handle everything smoothly without any hiccups. 

The Downside of Owning Pixel 6a in India

All said and done, the Pixel 6a is still not a perfect phone for many. Even at Rs 27,699, the phones have certain drawbacks and flaws. For starters, the phone does not come with a charger in the box and users have to spend Rs 2,000 on the official charger (although there are affordable options). The device supports only 18W charging, which is definitely not the best and it takes about 2 hours to completely charge the device, which can be painful for many. 

Next, if you care about the high refresh rate, the Pixel 6a disappoints here as well as it comes with only a 60Hz OLED screen while the competition is offering 120Hz at the same price point. Lastly, the lack of service centres across India is one thing to worry about and as per many Twitter users, the experience has been quite underwhelming.

Even with all the aforementioned drawbacks, I have placed my order just because I want to experience Google’s stock Android experience, get instant updates, and exclusive features, and experience Google’s camera magic. All I can hope and pray now is that I get an issue-free unit from Flipkart

Should I Have Waited For Pixel 7?

Well, this was my initial plan, I was kind of saving up for the Pixel 7, but this deal was an eye-opener for me. The Pixel 7 series is confirmed to launch in India and the latest leak reveals that the device will start at $599, which is around Rs 48,660 the India price will obviously be costlier and once again, it will be out of reach for me. 

Should You Buy the Pixel 6a in India Right Now?

The Pixel 6a is a great phone for under Rs 30,000, but it has its own flaws. If you can live with these few drawbacks that I have mentioned above, then pixel 6a is certainly a great deal for you. For me personally, the drawbacks certainly make it up in terms of the camera and software experience. 

In the end, the Pixel 6a was a steal deal for me and I am very excited to try the device once it reaches me in a couple of days. 

Pixel 6a Review

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