Witcher 3 Runs Pretty Well on the Steam Deck: CDPR Releases Footage of Game’s Current-Gen Version on the Handheld Device

The Steam Deck seems to have little problem running CDPR's magnum opus.


The Steam Deck seems to have captured the imagination of the entire gaming community at large, and it is quite easy to see why, as players can’t wait to play games like The Witcher 3 on the go, in its full glory. To that end, CD Projekt Red have just released a few videos of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt running pretty smoothly on the Steam Deck.

CDPR have reiterated that this is the current-gen version of the game running on the handheld device, as a next-gen version is perhaps just around the corner. The game is not exactly one of the more taxing games in terms of hardware requirements, at least not by today’s standards, but it is no slouch. The Steam Deck seems to have little issue running the game on decent settings, which is a positive sign for the device ahead of launch.

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The Steam Deck has no issues running The Witcher 3 current gen version

As perhaps one of the best games not just of the modern era, but perhaps ever in the history of gaming – one can expect many players to be trying out Witcher 3 on their Steam Deck should they purchase one. Seeing the game in action with little to no issue has to be a lot of comfort for prospective Steam Deck buyers as it means that the device will perform quite close to how it has been advertised to this point.

Valve has made some really bold claims regarding the Steam Deck as the company aims to let players play the majority of their Steam library on the handheld device. That is certainly going to be a tall order for any device, let alone a handheld device. But so far, The Witcher 3 running smoothly on the Steam Deck will help calm a lot of worries as to the device’s capability.