This Man has Built a 27,000,000mAh Power Bank, and Guess What, it Can Power TVs, Washing Machines and Other Appliances

This massive power bank can charge 5,000 phones at once!


Power banks and portable chargers have become a daily need in recent years. Almost everyone nowadays carries a power bank as a backup battery in case their devices run out of battery power when travelling or when there is no access to electricity.

Handy Geng, a Chinese electronics handyman, influencer, recently uploaded a video on his Weibo and YouTube accounts titled “I Made a 27,000,000 mAh Portable Power Bank,” in which he displayed the world’s largest power bank ever made. Let’s check out the world’s largest capacity power bank.

Here’s How the World’s Largest Powerbank Looks Like!

Handy Geng had had enough of carrying a much smaller power bank than his pals, so he resolved to dramatically compensate. With a 3,000mAh capacity, Genk estimates that his power bank can charge about 5,000 phones (each 3,000maH incapacity). Geng appears to have employed a big battery pack similar to those seen in electric cars.

World's largest powerbank

He claims to have built the project from the ground up, including a protective frame and wiring for around 60 ports. This power bank can power major items such as a TV, an electric scooter, and washing machines in addition to smartphones. Up to 220V electrical potential voltage is supported via 60 output charging connectors.

Despite its enormous size, measuring 5.9ft x 3.9ft in length and width, Geng has simplified its transportation process. It has wheels attached allowing for easy transportation. The cherry on top is that Geng designed the gigantic battery in the shape of a standard power bank that you can acquire everywhere, with the apparent difference being the size.

The main drawback is that something like this is excessively enormous and hence impractical to carry about, but it will at least provide a reasonable answer for folks who are subjected to frequent power outages in their area.

This isn’t Handy Geng’s first effort, to be certain. Among other things, the inventor has turned a piano into a mobile grill and fashioned a rocket launch computer box.