Microsoft Xbox Series X — Why Is It a Better Console Than the Sony PS5?

The Xbox Series X is the best Xbox yet

Xbox Series X

The console wars are here again, and we now have the next-generation console goodness. The Microsoft Xbox Series X and the Sony PlayStation 5 have both launched, and the comparisons have kicked into overdrive.

PlayStation consoles have come out as the clear winner with all previous generations. However, with the Series X, we finally have an Xbox that stacks up against its Sony rival. Here’s why the Microsoft Xbox Series X is a better console on paper than the Sony PS5!

Xbox Series X Has The Better Spec Sheet

Xbox Series X internals

Before we begin, let’s get this straight: Specifications don’t necessarily translate into a better overall experience. However, we’re talking about on-paper prowess here, and the Xbox Series X seems to win at it. 

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 share core hardware platforms, with custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPUs and custom AMD RDNA2 GPU powering both the systems. The devil is in the details, though, as the Series X churns out 12 TFLOPs of raw computing power compared to the PS5’s 10.28 TFLOPs.

The PS5 has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve, especially with its SSD speeds. The PS5 does seem to be edging forward in performance regardless, with reports saying that the same games are performing better on the PS5 than the Xbox Series X. This is likely due to Xbox sending out dev kits later than Sony, and is unlikely to stay a trend.

Xbox Series X is Cheaper to Game On Thanks To Game Pass

Xbox backward compatibility

When it comes to exclusive game titles, Xbox has always played second fiddle to PlayStation. Sony has managed to bring in some great exclusive titles to its consoles over the years. Xbox has taken a different approach and built on its Game Pass subscription service. That has now become a selling point for the Xbox Series X.

As next-gen game prices soar to $70 and above, the Xbox Game Pass offers a great value proposition for gaming on the cheap. The recurring cost for gaming on an Xbox Series X is bound to be a lot less than the PlayStation 5. Besides, Xbox Game Studios has some serious acquisition power. It has even acquired the gaming giant Zenimax Media recently. 

Xbox is guaranteed to deliver games for cheaper with the Game Pass, while Sony still does not have a proper equivalent. When you consider the recurring investment in games, the Xbox Series X is the sweeter deal.

Additionally, the PS5 exclusives situation is not as great as usual, too. Many exclusives have come to the PS4, and prospective buyers are not entirely happy with that.

Xbox Series X Has The Better Design Choices

Xbox Series X top

We can look at this as entirely subjective since that part of the choice is based on personal preference. However, the Xbox has a design that can blend into its surroundings with more ease. The PlayStation 5 has a much louder design and sticks out like a sore thumb. 

The Xbox Series X is also a much smaller console than the PlayStation 5, which is advantageous. Consoles are most likely to be a living room addition. The smaller profile adds to the Series X’s low-key appearance.

Not to forget the controllers! While the PlayStation 5’s DualSense is an improvement over the previous DualShock controllers, the Xbox controller builds upon its historically superior design. The Xbox Controller has been better received over the years. With the new, improved Series X controller, the experience is more likely to be better.

Of course, the PS5 DualSense has some neat features, especially the rumbled and improved feedback for specific titles. However, those features may not impress everyone enough.

Xbox Series X Easier To Buy

Xbox Series X S Power Your Dreams

“Easier to buy” does not refer only to the stocks. Unfortunately, both Series X and PS5 are in limited quantities because of the pandemic and other factors. Series X is still seeing a better restock situation. In India, the PS5 has not even seen a release date announcement, forget an actual release.

Xbox Series X is also easier to grab because of Xbox All Access.

It’s hard to ignore how well Xbox has done with its services. If the Game Pass wasn’t enough to counter the cost factor, the Series X has Xbox All Access. All Access is a payment plan that will let you buy the Series X and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at just $34.99 for 24 months.

You even get the option to upgrade from existing Xbox One consoles if you have Xbox All Access currently. Unfortunately, India doesn’t have this service yet, but it is in expansion, so Xbox consoles are more accessible by default.

PlayStation once again has nothing to offer on this front. 

The Xbox Series X makes a better case for Microsoft than ever before and is the better console, edging over the PS5 in quite a few key areas. Of course, the sales might tell a different story, but Xbox is closer now than ever before.

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