Xbox Series X Disc Drive/Smoking Issues, Xbox Asks Users to Stop Blowing Vape Into The Console

Genuine reports of disc drive issues and apparently fake reports of Xbox Series X blowing smoke have come out

Xbox Series X and S launch image

Issues with next-generation products are not uncommon, and a big reason why many people recommend that one should wait a while before buying them. The Xbox Series X and Series S have launched, and users have started receiving their units. As such, the reports of Xbox Series X issues have started rolling in as well. We had reported about the most common Xbox Series X and S software issues, and fixes. However, now some hardware issues have popped up, mostly with the disc drive. Additionally, there are now videos of the Xbox Series X smoking, which seem to be faked, leading to a PSA from Xbox.

Users have been reporting whirring and click sounds from the disc drives, with multiple genuine reports coming in.

Xbox is yet to officially respond to these issues, but it did put out a tweet to visit Xbox Support to get help.

Xbox Series X Starts “Smoking”, Xbox Asks Users To Stop Vaping Into Their Units

While the Xbox disc drive issues seem genuine, a different and rather bizarre brand of Xbox Series X issues has also popped up. There have been a couple of videos circulating, showing the Xbox Series X smoking through that beautiful top ventilation grille.

The Verge reporter Tom Warren confirmed that he had asked the two individuals for more proof or their Microsoft Support Case ID, and both declined. Additionally, Xbox Studio debunked smoking claims by demonstrating how it could be done:

There seems to be a lower intake vent grille that routes the air in, which goes out of the upper exhaust vent. Xbox has since then posted a public service announcement, requesting users to not blow vape smoke into their consoles:

Well, you heard them, folks. Stop vaping into your consoles, if you were. As far as the user reports come, there are yet to be any confirmed happenings of the Xbox Series X smoking. The disc issues, however, seem genuine. We will be reporting more on both the incidents as we hear about it, so stay tuned.

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