Xbox Stream Box: Microsoft Maybe Serious About Letting Users Play Games on TV Without a Console

Images of an alleged prototype - "Xbox Stream Box" have been making the rounds of the internet.

Xbox Stream Box

Xbox has been particularly exciting this console generation, with the Game Pass grabbing eyeballs unlike any other game subscription service in town, bolstered by the many fantastic studio acquisitions made by Microsoft. While the last console generation wasn’t particularly successful for Xbox, in comparison to the PlayStation or the Switch, it has been quite a different affair this time around.

With the Xbox Series X and S off to a good start – selling quite a lot of unites despite the supply issues. Only last month, there were reports of Xbox working with TV manufacturers to bring services like the Game Pass and xCloud on to TVs connected to the internet.

This was mildly interesting as it was an avenue that is still unexplored. Now, it seems like rumours having begun to swell about something called the “Xbox Stream Box” that will allow users to bring the Xbox experience to non-internet TVs as well.

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Images of an alleged “Xbox Stream Box” prototype pop up on the internet

Images of an alleged prototype of the Xbox Stream Box have popped up out of nowhere and it looks like users will be able to use it for services like the xCloud on standard TVs or even monitors. The design language of the Stream Box looks pretty consistent with the green brand’s mainline consoles – the Series X and S. Albeit, a much smaller version that caters to a very specific need.

According to the “leaks”, this prototype from the images has gone through several alterations and looks different from how it did back in the start of 2021. The Stream Box is essentially a TV box that will run the usual streaming apps such as Netflix, HBO, Disney, etc, but also be able to run xCloud or stream from their Xbox console – so that users can enjoy their favourite games even on TVs without connected to the internet.


These alleged prototype images’ source cannot be confirmed, thus, these should be taken with a healthy portion of salt. The Stream Box allows Wireless Keyboards or the Xbox Controller to be paired with it – thus acting like a mini-console for the user.

The trade-off is, players will be streaming their games from their console or xCloud – which can be a little less optimal than usual. If Microsoft can get this right, the Stream Box could perhaps be exciting – but perhaps audiences would be right to be cautiously observant of it for now.

Plus, Xbox might want to look into renaming the thing, if it is indeed called the “Stream Box”.

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