Xiaomi 12 Pro vs Pixel 7a: Which is the Best Mobile Under Rs 40,000 to Buy at the Deal Price on Flipkart and Amazon Sales

The Xiaomi 12 Pro and Pixel 7a both are amazing premium midrange devices. Choosing one of it is a big confusing as both will be available during this sale season on great deals. But worry not here's detailed comparison to help you make decision.

  • Sale season is here and it brings a great time for upgrade.
  • The Xiaomi 12 Pro and Pixel 7a both are amazing devices.
  • Which device makes more sense to buy?

The sale season is here and sales are happening everywhere. Be it on Flipkart or Amazon and these sales there are great opportunities for those who want to upgrade their devices. There are two great phone that falls under this category: Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G and Google Pixel 7a.

Xiaomi 12 Pro is Xiaomi’s last year’s flagship device whereas the Pixel 7A is Google’s latest Premium midrange offering. Both of these devices offers great value at their respective price and cherry on top they will also be available at great discounts and offers during these sales. If you are in a dilemma about which one to buy here’s a detailed specs comparison to help you make a decision. 

Xiaomi 12 Pro vs Google Pixel 7a: Deal Price and Offers During Amazon and Flipkart Sale

The Xiaomi 12 Pro is available on Amazon and will be at a discounted price during the Prime Day sales. There will be several offers and discounts on the device that are mentioned below.

  • Original Price: Rs 84,999
  • Offer Price: Rs 39,999
  • Card Discount: Rs 2250 Discount on ICICI and SBI Bank Credit cards
  • Exchange Bonus: Rs 2000 Exchange Bonus

The Pixel 7a will be available on Flipkart’s Big Saving Days Sale. There will be several discounts and offers on the device that are mentioned below.

  • Original Price: Rs 43,999
  • Offer Price: Rs 39,999
  • Card Discount: Rs 4000 Discount on HDFC Bank Credit cards EMI transactions
  • Exchange Bonus: Rs 4000 Exchange Bonus

Xiaomi 12 Pro vs Google Pixel 7a: Specs at Glance

Device Xiaomi 12 Pro 5G Pixel 7A 
Price Rs 41,999 Rs 43,999
Display 6.73-inch Curved AMOLED, DOLBY Vision, HDR 10+  6.1-inch Flat OLED, HDR
Refresh rate 120Hz LTPO 90Hz
Processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Tensor G2
Storage 128/256GB (UFS 3.1) 128GB (UFS 3.1)
RAM 8/12GB 8GB
Security In-Display Fingerprint scanner, Face Unlock In-Display Fingerprint scanner, Face Unlock
Primary Camera 50MP (Wide) (OIS)+ 50MP (Ultra Wide)+ 50MP (Telephoto)  64MP (Wide) (OIS) + 13MP (Ultra Wide)
Selfie Camera 32MP 13MP (Wide Selfie Camera)
Battery 4600mAh 4385mAh
Charging 120W Wired + 50W Wireless + 10W Reverse Wireless 18W Wired + 7.5W Wireless
Audio Stereo Speakers with quad speakers Stereo speaker with Dual Speaker
Headphone Jack Not available Not available
IR Blaster Present Not Available
Update Cycle 3 OS + 4 Years of Security 4 OS + 5 Years of Security

Xiaomi 12 Pro vs Google Pixel 7a: Design

While design is subjective we can say that both phones feel premium in hand but Xiaomi 12 Pro takes an edge. It features a premium frosted matte glass back paired with aluminium frames.

Xiaomi 12 Pro 5g

The Pixel 7a also has an aluminium frame but it features a plastic back giving it glossy and more cheap looks and in-hand feels than the competition. So in the design, we prefer the Xiaomi 12 Pro for its better build materials and premium in-hand feel.

Pixel 7a with water droplets on its back.

Xiaomi 12 Pro vs Google Pixel 7a: Camera

There’s no doubt that Google’s Pixel lineup has one of the best cameras in any smartphone. There’s no exception with the Pixel 7a as well. The Pixel 7a comes with the same computational photography as its elder brother the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in the main camera so for the primary camera there’s no competition of the Pixel 7a in the segment.

New details on Pixel 7a: A very powerful update thanks to the flagship ...

But this changes as we move to other focal lengths. The Pixel 7a features only a 13MP ultrawide angle lens with no telephoto lens at all. Whereas the Xiaomi 12 Pro features 50MP ultrawide and 50MP 2X optical zoom telephoto lenses which puts Pixel 7a in terms of these cameras. The 50MP resolution on Xiaomi 12 Pro puts out some of amazing and crisp ultrawide shots and the 2X telephoto enables excellent portrait capabilities. Xiaomi 12 Pro 5g

In the camera department, it is mostly a tie as there’s no other primary camera like the Pixel’s camera but it lacks the options and resolution in their focal lengths that the Xiaomi has.

Xiaomi 12 Pro vs Google Pixel 7a: Performance

Both phones feature the top-of-the-line flagship chipsets which makes both of the devices a great choice in terms of performance. The Xiaomi 12 Pro has the last years top of the line Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 flagship chipset paired with 8GB or 12GB of RAM and the Pixel 7a features the flagship Tensor G2 chipset which is Google’s in-house chipset also featured in Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

While both devices have top-of-line chips, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 scored around 985226 in Antutu (V9) benchmark tests and the Tensor G2 scored 765281 in Antutu (v9) benchmark tests. This makes the Xiaomi 12 Pro a much better choice for power users who can also get benefit from the extra 2GB RAM.

Xiaomi 12 Pro vs Google Pixel 7a: Battery

In the battery department, the Xiaomi 12 Pro takes the clear edge with its large 4600mAh battery capacity in front of the Pixel 7a’s 4385mAh battery capacity. The Xiaomi 12 Pro also takes a major leap in the charging department with its 120W superfast wired charging and 50W wireless charging making the Pixel 7a’s 18W wired and 7.5W wireless charging look outdated.

The Xiaomi 12 Pro also features 10W of reverse wireless charging which does not exist in Pixel 7a. Another major dent in Pixel’s charging department is that it does not come with charging brick while the Xiaomi 12 Pro has 120W charging brick bundled in the box.

Xiaomi 12 Pro vs Google Pixel 7a: Which One to Buy During Sale

These both are great devices but still in this comparison the clear winner is Xiaomi 12 Pro. The Pixel 7a despite having cleaner and longer software support and an excellent primary camera, Xiaomi’s 12 Pro steals the show in almost every other expects. The Xiaomi 12 Pro also features more focal lengths in the rear camera department.

The Xiaomi 12 Pro also features more RAM, storage, and faster charging with a larger battery capacity, and with the Prime Day Sale, it has the probability to fall under ₹40,000 price with deals and exchange offers making it a really attractive deal. You can buy the Xiaomi 12 Pro on Amazon and the Pixel 7a will be available on Flipkart.