Xiaomi AI Smart Speaker (CMHZ608) With Touchscreen Gets Bluetooth SIG Certification

The Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker could soon have a touchscreen version, indicates a new listing on the Bluetooth SIG certification website. Here are the details.


A new version of the Xiaomi Mi AI speaker with a touchscreen display was recently spotted on the Bluetooth Launch Studio website. Another upcoming Xiaomi smart speaker with a screen has now received Bluetooth certification.

Xiaomi CMHZ608 Smart Speaker Certified by Bluetooth SIG

The Xiaomi CMHZ608 smart speaker will come with Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy support as opposed to the LX04, which was revealed to offer Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy support. Apart from the Bluetooth version, there is nothing else that the certification reveals about the upcoming smart speaker. However, the Bluetooth certification does suggest Xiaomi is gearing up to expand its smart speaker lineup very soon and may launch both the LX04 and CMHZ608 smart speakers simultaneously sometime early next year.


Xiaomi’s AI Speaker with Touchscreen Pops Up on Bluetooth SIG

A new version of popular Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker has appeared for Bluetooth certification. The upcoming version should have all the features the currently available Xiaomi speakers have. Moreover, the new Mi AI Speaker should arrive with a touchscreen, indicates the listing on Bluetooth SIG.

Xiaomi sells multiple variants of the Mi AI Speaker, including a Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker Mini that has a small form-factor. The Chinese smartphone and electronics giant offers several wireless speakers, headphones and earphones as well. In fact, the Mi AI Speaker offers tough competition to Amazon Echo, and other similar AI-assisted speakers that connect to the internet and offer virtual assistance. Now Xiaomi appears to be innovating within the space, and could add a touchscreen to the Mi AI Speaker, essentially competing against the Lenovo Smart Display, Amazon Echo Spot or Echo Show. Interestingly, even Google seems to be working on a similar AI-driven touchscreen speaker.

 Xiaomi Mi AI Speakers Seeks Bluetooth SIG Certification

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker appeared on Bluetooth SIG website very recently. In fact, the listing date is December 7, 2018. Surprisingly, the certifying agency mentions the Xiaomi wireless speakers without a codename. In other words, the website clearly indicates the Chinese company is getting its Mi AI Speaker certified. If that’s not enough, the listing also mentions the Bluetooth speakers will have a touchscreen.

The listing has all the possible Bluetooth communication protocols. These include A/V Remote Control Profile, A2DP, Low Energy Link Layer, Low Energy RF PHY, and several others. These protocols imply the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker could pack a chip that supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker Bluetooth SIG

The Xiaomi Mi AI Touchscreen Speaker has the model number LX04. The listing indicates the wireless speakers with a touchscreen can ‘transfer data’. The ‘chip’ supporting the data transfer is MT8167S. Although the listing doesn’t say, the MT8167S appears to be a MediaTek processor. The data about the SoC is a little difficult to come by. A few variants of the MT8167 are in circulation. However, they have rather underwhelming clock-speeds, maxing out at 1GHz. The MT8167S, on the other hand, seems to go up to 1.5GHz.

The presumed chipset within the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker may not be powerful for most modern-day smartphones. But it could work well for a device with limited functionality. Moreover, the speakers do not have to multitask. If Xiaomi packs adequate amount of RAM, the upcoming Mi AI Touchscreen Speaker could perform well without hiccups. However, we reserve judgment until the company showcases the functionality.

Incidentally, Xiaomi’s presumed choice of processor appears to be designed to offer optimum wireless connectivity. MediaTek has designed the MT8167 variants for devices with space constraints. Moreover, these processors are optimized to consume less energy.