Xiaomi Ending Global MIUI Beta Program In July, Adds Dedicated App Drawer In MIUI Default Launcher


Xiaomi’s MIUI launcher is a decent pick among many other launchers on the market. However, it always took a backseat when it came to a highly-regarded feature i.e., an app drawer. Interestingly, Xiaomi added this feature in its Poco Launcher while the MIUI users had to make do with the third-party app drawer. Now, it looks like Xiaomi has finally got the memo and is working on an app drawer for the stock MIUI launcher alongside app shortcuts. In other news, Xiaomi is putting an end to its MIUI beta program in July 2019.

Xiaomi MIUI Launcher Gets App Drawer

The latest alpha build of Xiaomi’s MIUI launcher carrying version number has got an app drawer. A report by XDA Developers also shares the screenshots of the feature in work. In the alpha build, the app drawer can be accessed by tapping on the middle button in the app bar to open the app drawer. When opened, it stacks the recently used apps on top followed by other apps in the alphabetical order.

In its open condition, the app drawer also has a downward-facing arrow, which, when clicked collapses the app drawer. It must be noted that the app drawer cannot be swiped down to be closed, but users can make use of the back button to do the same.

After installing the alpha version, users will be able to activate the app drawer by going to Settings > More. You’ll then find the ‘Home Screen Settings’ option in the Chinese language. After opening the page, you will be presented with two options for the Home screen, here you will have to go by the icons that will tell you which one denoted app drawer as the name would be written in Chinese.

App Shortcuts Also Added

In addition to the app drawer, Xiaomi has also app shortcuts in the alpha version of its MIUI launcher. ‘App Shortcuts’ as the name suggests, is a quick way of accessing app options. Users need to long-press the app icon to show a set of quick actions. This feature first came in the Android ecosystem with Android 7.0 Nougat version. It enables users to launch a particular function of the app to exercise specific tasks.

For now, the MIUI alpha version is under development meaning that we will have to wait for sometime before we get to see it entering a stable stage. if you’re one of those MIUI users who want to try every feature first hand, you can check out the new features in the launcher and then switch to a current version as the alpha version is likely to be plagued with a slew of bugs. For those unaware, MIUI launcher is limited to Xiaomi users only.

This being the alpha version, we expect Xiaomi to make it better and get rid of bugs for the next version. For now, there is no timeline when we will get to see the final version, but it should be soon.

Xiaomi Ending MIUI Beta Program in July

Xiaomi’s beta program was dedicated to testing upcoming features with select users who enroll. Many OEMs run beta programs to test out the features in real-time with users and fix the bugs as per the reports. However, Xiaomi now seems to be done with the beta program. The company is ending its MIUI beta program on July 1, 2019.

According to a report by AndroidCentral, Xiaomi has stated that it is ending the program in favor of bringing more stability to MIUI. The company wants to release stable versions more frequently and meet the expectations of the end user. Xiaomi has decided to put a stop to MIUI Beta global version for all devices.

Well, it would be heartbreaking for the users who used to look forward to beta updates for trying out new features, but Xiaomi seems to stand correct in its decision.