Xiaomi Giving Out 666 Mi Band 3 NFC Limited Edition Units Free Ahead of Sale on September 19

Xiaomi is giving away exactly 666 units of the Mi Band 3 NFC Limited Edition to fans for free, when the Chinese brand announces the Mi Band 3 NFC version on September 19

Mi band 3

Xiaomi recently confirmed the glowing success with the Mi Band 3, which has already sold more than 50 million units. The Mi Band 3 was launched back on May 31 of this year, and a new edition of the Mi Band 3 with NFC set for a launch on September 19, Xiaomi confirmed.

The Mi Band 3 NFC edition is set to cost users 199 yuan ($29) and has many more interesting, NFC based features in it, which makes it appear to be an excellent upgrade to the Mi Band 3. Now, Xiaomi has revealed that they will be releasing an additional Mi Band 3 NFC Limited edition on the same launch date. This new, limited edition of the Mi Band 3 NFC would be a give away to fans and Xiaomi have confirmed that only 666 units manufactured for the same. Each of the 666 units of the limited edition Mi Band 3 NFC will have a serial number ranging from 001-666 and will only be available in a single colour.

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Why 666-units?

Apart from making only 666 units of this limited edition Mi Band 3 NFC, Xiaomi will ensure these are given away for free to fans of the brand. To start with, some of us might not understand why specifically 666 units, well in China the number essentially means “everything goes smoothly” and deeply associated with luck.

Mi Band 3 NFC Limited edition

As for the limited edition Mi Band 3 NFC, Xiaomi has designed it with a buckle ring that has a laser engraved pattern with NFC written on it. It will also consist of the serial number of the particular band. The new Commemorative edition comes with a Maple leaf red coloured wristband, as well as a customised packaging box. Apart from these minor customisations, Xiaomi has kept the limited Edition similar to the Mi Band 3 NFC version. How to register for the free Mi Band 3 NFC commemorative edition is entirely unknown right now, but as soon as we get more information on it, we will update. The special edition is more like a promotional strategy and the features from the Mi Band 3 NFC version are not any different, barring some physical changes.

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Mi Band 3 NFC Details

As has been widely reported, the newest MI Band 3 NFC will have plenty of different features and support than the previously released Mi Band 3. To begin with, the Mi Band 3 NFC supports contactless payments through Mi-Pay, the official mobile payments service from Xiaomi. The highlight of this feature is that users can use to pay through the Mi Band 3 NFC at PoS terminals enabled with NFC. Also, in China there is support in as many as 167 cities supporting city bus card payments, including cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzen, Wuhan, Tianjin, Suzhou, Hefei, Xi’an and Jilin.

The Mi Band 3 NFC has otherwise similar features to the Mi Band 3. The band has a 0.78-inch Curved OLED screen with a 128×80 pixels resolution. The battery life on the device is up to 20 days on a single charge (normal usage). Other essential features like water resistance, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counter, weather forecast, alarm clock, sedentary reminder, call and message notifications are present on the Mi Band 3 NFC. The Mi Band 3 NFC will be available after the September 19 launch by Xiaomi and priced at 199 yuan ($29).

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