Xiaomi’s Upcoming Smartphone With Model Number M1903C3GG Gets EEC Certification

A mystery Xiaomi smartphone appeared on the FCC, EEC. We have discovered several interesting aspects about the mobile phone, including brand and target market.


Earlier this month, we discovered a new Xiaomi smartphone that was listed on the FCC. This phone belonged to the Mi family of budget smartphones from Xiaomi and carried the model number M1903C3GG. Now, the same device has appeared on the EEC(Eurasian Economic Commission) website, which means that the phone has entered the EU and Asian regions. The EEC ID for the device is PJUUUTVJRMAE-73-59392.

Once again, the listing does not provide any information regarding the specifications and hardware of the phone. We can only speculate that this is a budget/mid-range Xiaomi device since it is carrying the Mi moniker. The Chinese smartphone maker recently released the Redmi 6 series in India and other regions. However, this new phone is not part of the Redmi series, which is usually the budget offering from Xiaomi. It is possible that this new phone is a newer Mi series smartphone or a budget offering of the latest Mi 8 series.


Xiaomi’s Upcoming Smartphone With Model Number M1903C3GG Passes Through FCC Certification

A new Xiaomi handset surfaced on the FCC. The new device is classified as a ‘Mobile Phone’. It bears the FCC ID 2AFZZ-RMSC3GG. Although the specifications and other details of the Xiaomi phone are scare, we believe the Chinese smartphone and electronics giant is readying an affordable but capable Android smartphone. Budget-conscious smartphone buyers could be the target segment.

Xiaomi submitted a smartphone to the FCC certifying agency. The FCC listing of the Xiaomi device is for a ‘Mobile Phone’ codenamed M1903C3GG. The FCC Listing refers the device by its FCC ID 2AFZZ-RMSC3GG. Looking at the finer aspects of the FCC filing we have discovered several interesting aspects of the mystery Xiaomi smartphone.

Xiaomi M1903C3GG Belongs To The Mi Sub-Brand

The Xiaomi M1903C3GG that is passing through the FCC, belongs to the Xiaomi’s sub-brand Mi. Xiaomi has been launching several variants of the popular Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone. Right from the Mi 8 Explorer Edition to the Mi 8 SE and the Mi 8 Youth or Mi 8 Lite. It is possible the Xiaomi Mi handset could be such a parallel and affordable variant.

The mystery Xiaomi smartphone could be another model that should be priced attractively. We are able to draw the conclusion owing to the limited information about specifications that is available. For starters, the Xiaomi Mobile Phone only supports single-band WiFi. The mystery Mi smartphone can only work on WiFi b/g/n 2.4GHz bands. It does not support dual-band WiFi or the latest WiFi 802.11ac.

The Mi device is a dual SIM smartphone. Although it supports dual-standby, only one SIM can offer 4G connectivity at any given time. However, smartphone users who may buy this device can place the 4G SIM card in any of the dual SIM slots as they both support 4G.

Interestingly, Xiaomi may not release the mystery Xiaomi smartphone in India or even the U.S. The Xiaomi mobile phone does have the Band 40 support. However, Xiaomi will specifically disable the same. India’s leading 4G telecom company, Reliance Jio, uses Band 40. Moreover, the other mainstream bands like the Band 3 and Band 5 are also missing. It is amply clear Xiaomi could restrict the mystery Mi smartphone to China.

The mystery Xiaomi Mi smartphone has Bluetooth 4.2 support, and not the latest Bluetooth 5.0 indicates the FCC listing of Xiaomi M1903C3GG.