Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Gives a Sneak Peek Into Three New Smartphone Trends That You Could See Soon

Xiaomi recently unveiled the Mi Mix 3 smartphone. Packing a lot of punch, the Mi Mix 3 brings three features that makes it the device fit for the future.


Xiaomi caused a stir in the smartphone market when it launched the first-gen bezel-less marvel, the Mi Mix. Following Xiaomi, several OEMs tried to make the same changes in their smartphone design, which ultimately offered more screen real estate to the users. We think we gotta thank Xiaomi for bringing this change in design and making other manufacturers take the same route. Fast forward to present times, Xiaomi is back with the third-gen Mi Mix 3 smartphone that again is quite a looker. However, instead of bringing a new design change on its ow Xiaomi seems to have taken inspiration for this one. Yes, the Mi Mix 3 comes with a slider design like the Oppo Find X. But there is still something new that the Mi Mix 3 packs. Let’s dig out three new industry trends that the Mi Mix 3 has already established.

Sliding Its Way Through Future

Oppo’s Find X (review) smartphone gave us a new outlook at camera placement. The flagship brought a whole new form factor with its slider mechanism for both the cameras. Xiaomi has taken some inspiration from there and has integrated a similar setup in its Mi Mix 3 smartphone. The only difference is that unlike the Find X, the Mi Mix 3 has a manual slider. This is one of the trends that is being followed by several other OEMs. Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor, is also gearing up to bring a similar slider design in its upcoming Honor Magic 2. So, yeah, the slider mechanism on the Mi Mix 3 is one of the trends that is being picked by other manufacturers too.

For those wondering why slider design is being taken up by the smartphone brands, well, the answer lies in giving more screen real estate to users and also to get rid of the notch. This design enables bezel-less design while giving a better overall outlook to the device.

Making A Powerhouse With 10GB of RAM

Next feature on the list is the ultra-powerful RAM capacity on the phone. The Mi Mix 3 packs a whopping 10GB of RAM. While the Mi Mix 3 is not the first phone to have such RAM capacity, the recently launched gaming phone, the Black Shark Helo phone also packs 10GB of RAM. Nowadays, it is not surprising to see phones with 8GB RAM, phones like OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Poco F1, Asus Zenfone 5Z, have variants with 8GB RAM. The surprising factor came with the 10GB of RAM that the Mi Mix 3 packs. This is one of the features that future-proofs the device.

The point comes to whether we need phones with such high RAM capacity? Well, the answer is no we don’t. The phones like the Apple iPhone XS Max pack 4GB of RAM, but even with that capacity, it is ahead of its competition. In the end, it all boils down to the overall software integration of the phone so that it does not need higher RAM to function smoothly. Apple has always paid more attention to the overall software compliance of its device which is why its devices work like charm even on lesser RAM. Android devices on the other hand, especially the ones with custom UI, need more RAM to perform without any lags. Talking about trends though, we think Xiaomi has set the ball rolling, and we may get to see more phones with 10GB RAM in the future.

Future-Proofing With 5G Connectivity

Another future-proof feature on the Mi Mix 3 is the support for 5G connectivity. Although telcos around the world are still in testing phase for 5G, Xiaomi has already included the support for it on its latest Mi Mix phone. Presently, this feature won’t be of any use to the buyers, but it will come into action once carriers begin deploying 5G and activate their towers. In India, both Airtel and Jio seem to have started testing the technology.

We don’t know when Xiaomi will be bringing the Mi Mix 3 to Indian shores, but we can expect it to happen soon as the company had launched the Mi Mix 2 in the region. Stay tuned with us to know whenever the company confirms its arrival in India. Moreover, you can share your thoughts on the Mi Mix 3 and its top three features mentioned above with us in the comments section below. For more details on the Mi Mix 3, you can check out this article.

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