Xiaomi Introduces New Smartphone Zoom Camera Technology With Better Low Light Sensitivity

Xiaomi at MiDC 2020, has introduced a new Retractable Wide-aperture camera technology.


Xiaomi‘s annual developer conference MiDC is ongoing with the theme ‘Technology for Life’ in Beijing. The company showcased a new camera technology at the event yesterday, which is claimed to increase camera performance significantly. Xiaomi says that the new telescopic camera can capture 300% more light compared to other modern smartphones. The company could achieve 300% more light due to Xiaomi retractable wide-aperture lens technology. The Chinese tech giant claims that new technology will help users in achieving a 20% increase in sharpness.

This new technology will reportedly enable better performance in portrait photography and night photography as well. The images will also have more clarity due to the new image stabilization technology that offers a larger anti-shake angle. Xiaomi, in its official blog post, said,

“In recent years, image quality has been a major focus of smartphone manufacturers. Drawing inspiration from traditional camera designs, Xiaomi introduced its latest self-developed, Retractable Wide-aperture Lens Technology. A retractable optical structure is designed to compactly lodge within the smartphone and can extend out when needed. This design allows the retractable telescopic camera to have a larger aperture to increase the amount of light input by 300%, as well as showcase better performance in portrait photography and night photography compared to currently-used camera structures. It also incorporates a new image stabilization technology that offers a larger anti-shake angle, making the images more stable, and increasing sharpness by 20%.

Xiaomi’s Retractable Wide-aperture Lens technology demonstrated with a video!

A video uploaded by Xiaomi on Weibo showcased us a glimpse of the upcoming technology.  In the video, the camera lens can be seen popping-out of the smartphone body similar to point and shoot cameras. In past, we have seen smartphones with moving cameras such as Asus Zenfone Zoom, and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Though, it is not clear if Xiaomi plans to offer zooming capability with the new retractable wide-aperture lens technology.

The video uploaded by the company on Weibo doesn’t demonstrate any zoom capabilities. Instead, we can see focal length being adjusted and as a result focus being shifted from an object to another.

Xiaomi Mi 11 could feature the new Retractable Wide-aperture Technology, but the chances are SLIM!

Xiaomi Mi 11 is the upcoming flagship from Xiaomi, which is expected to be unveiled in the first quarter of 2021. Some people are optimistic that the new retractable wide-aperture technology will make it to consumer’s hands with Mi 11, but we feel that the chances for the same are very slim. Perhaps, we should hope to see it later next year, maybe with Mi 10 Ultra’s successor. What do you think of the new camera technology from Xiaomi? Do let us know in the comments below.