Xiaomi POCO F1 Upcoming Update to Bring Support for Full Screen Mode for Some Apps, Fixes to Issues

The Xiaomi POCO F1 will receive several important updates in the next few weeks, confirmed the company. Several important bugs and issues have been addressed.


The Xiaomi POCO F1 MIUI OS development team has confidently indicated the upcoming update will offer several improvements and bug fixes. Some of notable features include better full screen mode utilization, icon notification optimization, etc.

Xiaomi POCO F1 is the first smartphone from the Chinese smartphone company that got its very own inbuilt app launcher and even more customized MIUI operating system that is currently based on Android 8.1 Oreo. Needless to mention, the OS still has some odd issues that Xiaomi is clearly racing to address and solve. The latest stable update of the MIUI OS for the POCO F1 is MIUI However, Xiaomi is clearly busy addressing several issues that its vast user community is actively reporting.

Xiaomi has been actively updating the datasheet and issue log that it maintains on the MIUI website that several forum members regularly contribute. The latest revision of the issue log mentions some important improvements and bug fixes.

Xiaomi POCO F1 MIUI Weekly Update Latest Bug Fixes And Improvements

Xiaomi confirmed that it has been trying hard to fix the odd touch lag and incorrect or ghost touch issues that some of the users have faced and reported. Interestingly, Xiaomi added that it has readied the fix and will release it soon. The company has also addressed the ‘OK Google’ issues.

Several POCO F1 users have been demanding an addition of ‘Dark Mode’ to the POCO Launcher. Listening to user requests, Xiaomi has obliged. Incidentally, the POCO Launcher is available as downloadable app on the Google Play Store. In other words, other Android smartphone users can download and use the launcher as a replacement to the preexistent launcher.

POCO F1 MIUI 10 Global Beta Update 8.11.1

Xiaomi also reportedly fixed the incorrect battery icon on the charging POCO F1. However, the most important improvement that several POCO F1 users will appreciate is the better utilization of the full-screen mode with the notch hidden. Xiaomi confirmed it is developing the feature.

Another issue that almost all POCO F1 smartphone users faced was the inability of the device to display notifications in the status bar. Ever since the device launched, people have been complaining about the lack of immediately visible notifications. Users complained they discovered several notifications only after they dragged down the status bar for expanded notifications.

Xiaomi POCO F1 To Get Widevine L1 Support?

Xiaomi POCO F1 has a rather glaring limitation. Despite sporting a Full HD+ display, it cannot stream content from paid streaming services in Full HD resolution owing to lack of the Widevine L1 support. It has Widevine L3 support which limits streaming to 480p resolution only.

Xiaomi has not confirmed that it has solved the issue. However, it did mention the feature was under development in discussion with Google and Qualcomm. Moreover, Xiaomi noted that the POCO F1 could support Netflix Full HD streaming through a beta update. The update will arrive within the next few weeks. It did not, however, mentioned when the feature will arrive in a stable MIUI update.