Xiaomi Redmi 5A Celebrates 10 Million Sales in Just 10 Months of Launch, Here’s What Made It Popular

Xiaomi Redmi 5A has become the fastest-selling smartphone in India to achieve the 10 million sales milestone. The entry-level smartphone was launched in the country in November last year.


In November 2017, Xiaomi launched the entry-level Redmi 5A smartphone in India. A month after its launch in the country, Xiaomi announced that it had sold over 1 million units of the smartphone in less than a month. Xiaomi managed to sell four million more Redmi 5A units by March 2018, crossing the 5 million unit sales milestone. Xiaomi’s ‘Desh ka Smartphone‘ tagline has now crossed the 10 million unit sales milestone in India, according to the latest IDC monthly smartphone tracker report. This makes the Redmi 5A the fastest-selling smartphone in India to hit the 10 million sales mark.

Over 10 Million Redmi 5A Units Sold

Ever since its launch in India in November last year, the Redmi 5A has been setting new sales records in the country. It was the fastest-selling Xiaomi smartphone to hit the 1 million unit sales milestone and also the fastest to hit the 5 million milestone. What is more impressive is that the Redmi 5A managed to grab the title of the No.1 selling smartphone in India for 9 consecutive months. During the first quarter of the year, Redmi 5A captured 12% market share in India, giving it a lead of around 5% compared to the next best-selling model. The overwhelming popularity of the Redmi 5A in India and a few other markets made it possible for the smartphone to become the best-selling Android smartphone globally in the first quarter of 2018.

What Made the Redmi 5A So Popular in India?

The highest contributing factor to Redmi 5A’s success in the Indian market is, no doubt, its competitive pricing. It was launched last year at an introductory price of just Rs.4,999 for the base variant with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. After it successfully sold over 5 million units of the smartphone in India, Xiaomi raised the price of the base variant to Rs.5,999 in March this year. Redmi 5A is not only the most affordable Xiaomi smartphone, but also packs decent hardware specifications that make it a better buy when compared to the other entry-level smartphones sold in the country. When it was launched in India last year, there was no other entry-level smartphone that could compete against the Redmi 5A. While consumers in India do have a few decent alternatives in the same price segment now, the Redmi 5A still remains one of the best entry-level smartphones around. Its successor, the Redmi 6A was launched in India last month.

The decent hardware specifications of the device, combined with the popularity of the Xiaomi brand in the Indian market made the Redmi 5A the default choice for a large number of users looking for a new entry-level smartphone. As we noted in our review of the smartphone, the Redmi 5A offers a solid build, decent battery life, good performance, and is among the best entry-level smartphones out there in terms of camera performance. Xiaomi has also been rolling out software updates for the smartphone on a regular basis. The smartphone is expected to receive the MIUI 10 Global Stable ROM starting later this month.