Xiaomi Redmi 6, 6A and 6 Pro to be Sold at Discounted Prices from February 6 on Amazon, Flipkart, Mi Store


Samsung’s recent release of its M-series smartphones has put immense pressure on all the other brands who had been dominating the budget smartphone scene in India. Considering the M10 and M20 sold out within mere minutes of going on sale, the threat is very real. In an attempt to challenge the South Korean Giant, Redmi India sent out a tweet earlier today, claiming to offer some “real deals” with “prices like never before”. The retaliation against Samsung’s M lineup is obvious as the tweet goes on to say that ‘M’illennials should “be smart and choose wisely.”

Lets’ take a look at how exactly Xiaomi intends to take back its market share in these heated times.

Price Drops For Xiaomi Redmi 6, 6A and 6 Pro

Almost all top brands are going to offer their top smartphones at discounted prices over the next few days. In the case of Xiaomi and its attempt to thwart Samsung, the Chinese phone maker will be offerings it’s Redmi 6, 6A, and 6 Pro at considerably reduced prices. This promotional campaign is said to start on February 6 and will last until February 8. The discounted price information and its comparison to the most current retail pricing we could find at the time of writing is given below.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (3GB RAM + 32GB Storage)
Discounted Price: INR 8,999
Current Retail Price: INR 9,999

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro (4GB RAM + 64GB Storage)
Discounted Price: INR 10,999
Current Retail Price: INR 11,999

Xiaomi Redmi 6 (3GB RAM + 64GB Storage)
Discounted Price: INR 8,499
Current Retail Price: INR 8,999

Xiaomi Redmi 6A (2GB RAM+ 32GB Storage)
Discounted Price: INR 6,499
Current Retail Price: INR 6,999

Will Xiaomi’s Strategy Work?

The shots fired at Samsung today might not be the best way to stay relevant during this time. Redmi’s tweet has the upcoming discount price of its phones mentioned against their original MRPs that are higher than their original retail prices at launch. As many Twitter users were quick to point out, a more appropriate move Xiaomi can make right now will be to release its Redmi Note 7 in India. Considering the smartphone is due to make its way to the country in the next few months, the wait shouldn’t be too long.