YouTube Celebrates 1 Trillion Views of Minecraft Content on the Platform

The Minecraft train isn't slowing down anytime soon.


If you head to Youtube today, you’ll notice that the logo looks a tad bit different, and is animated to celebrate the 1 trillion views that Minecraft content has amassed on Youtube. This is a pretty outstanding achievement for a game that came out in 2011, and has only gotten bigger and better since then to not only retain a major chunk of their original audience but also bring in a fresh, new batch of them year after year.

Minecraft, despite its relatively simple premise and gameplay loop has blossomed into one of the most expansive and freeing experiences one can have in gaming today. So much so that just playing the game isn’t the only part of its appeal, as is evidenced by the trillion views that Minecraft content has generated on Youtube.

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Minecraft content has now amassed 1 trillion views on Youtube

Some of the biggest streamers and content creators today have gotten their start and gained a majority of their subscriber count on the back of Minecraft content. Creators like Dream and TheAtlanticCraft continue to rake in millions of views each month and have experimented with new kinds of content to keep the Minecraft community alive and entertained. The game easily has one of the biggest communities in gaming and with each new update, the game manages to add a ton of value to what is already a pretty fantastic experience.

Minecraft content has hit it off in a big way in India as well, with creators like TechnoGamerz capitalising on the wave. Its latest update, Caves and Cliffs Part 2, was one of the most highly-anticipated updates for the game, and it undoubtedly brought in a whole new batch of players to the game – both new, and returning. Despite its age, it doesn’t look Minecraft’s popularity is about to wane anytime soon. If anything, the future still looks pretty bright for the game as well as content creator community on platforms like Youtube and Twitch.