YouTube to Fix Misinformation Issue Around Health, Brings Health Content Shelf and Information Panel in Search


YouTube, the popular video content and streaming platform from Google will be soon getting a couple of new features in India. The new features will be related to health namely, Health source information panel and Health content shelf.

In a statement, YouTube India says that the new features, which will be available in English and Hindi, will provide context cues aimed at helping people more easily access videos from verified health sources.

Let’s take a look at more information on these two features.

YouTube To Bring Two Health-Related Features To India

Both the aforementioned features are already available in the US market and soon, the Health source information panel and Health content shelf will be made available in India in two languages 一 English and Hindi. These two new upcoming features are built to tackle misinformation around health topics and help credible videos stand out.

Health content shelf

When you search for a topic on YouTube, which is related to physical or mental health conditions, you will notice a shelf with health content in your search results. The health content shelf will include videos related to the health topic you searched for.

YouTube will use the principles outlined by experts convened and verified by the WHO, to inform which channels are eligible for the shelf. Only accredited health organizations, academic medical journals, and government entities are eligible for these shelves as of now. The shelves may not be available for all health conditions in search results. But, YouTube will work on expanding on shelves and eligibility to more channels as well.

Health information panels in search

The second feature also appears when you search on YouTube for health-related topics, such as COVID-19, stroke or breast cancer. You will notice a health information panel in your search results. These panels show info like symptoms, prevention, and treatment options. This info will be from authoritative sources like the World Health Organization and other medical institutions.

Health information panels also link you to the institutions’ websites, which means users can also click on the link to learn more. The basic idea behind this feature is to provide more context.