YouTube Phishing Link is Real, Confirms Official Team and Warns Users to Be Careful

Scammers are sending phishing emails via original YouTube email address, company responds.

  • Scammers are sending phishing mails via YouTube email address.
  • YouTube has taken note of the issue.
  • It has asked not to download any file attached in the mail.


YouTube is one of the main sources of income for various creators across the globe. There have been various scams going around YouTube which have been solved by the company multiple times. In the latest, fraudsters have found a new way to scam creators. They are sending phishing mail from Youtube’s official email id to hack the creator’s channel.

YouTube has taken note of the latest phishing attack and advised creators not to click or download any file received via such emails. Here’s everything you need to know about the new YouTube phishing scam and how you can be safe from such fraud.

Fraudsters Are Sending Phishing Mails from Youtube Email Addresses

A YouTube Kevin Breeze on a Twitter complaint that he has received mail from the ‘’ email address which anyone would likely belive that its from official YouTube company only. However, it’s a spoof email.

The mail comes with a suspicious subject ‘Changes in YouTube Rules and Policies’. It says that the company’s monetisation policies have changed and creators need to download the new file to know about the new policy. It warns that if the creator doesn’t reply to the mail within seven days, their account will be disabled.

While the subject and mail address may force you to belive that this is an original mail from YouTube, we need to clarify that it’s a phishing mail used to hack channels. Once you download the file and set up in your PC or laptop, it will inject the virus, take all your data and lock your PC. If you have received such a mail, we warn you not to click on any downloading link or reply to email. Just simply ignore it.

In case if you are wondering how scammers are able to share a mail from official YouTube address, then it’s nothing but a smart use of the video sharing system. There’s an option called ‘Share the video by email’ that sends a video to your mail box from same YouTube address. To avoid getting such emails, simply remove this option from your YouTube videos.

YouTube Takes Note of Latest Phishing Spam Mails

After spotting the new Youtube phishing scam, the company has asked creators to avoid such mails and not to download or give any access to such files attached to emails. It says that the team is currently investigating this issue.

YouTube has also pointed a few notes that users can keep in mind while verifying an original mail. Here’re some points to remember.

  1. Verify the sender’s email address before checking the mail.
  2. Check the link URL before clicking on it.
  3. Except, don’t enter your password on any other website.
  4. Never share your YouTube credentials.
  5. Share access to your team but never give them your password.