Zomato Gold is Making a Comeback and Here’s How Much It will Cost and Its Benefits

Zomato is offering 3 months of free Gold membership to Pro Plus users. Here're the benefits and price.

  1. Zomato Pro Plus ends and Gold makes a comeback.
  2. Zomato Gold will be available at an introductory price of Rs 149.
  3. Zomato Gold users will get free delivery and extra discount.

Zomato has relaunched the Gold subscription in India today. The company has also ended its loyalty membership program, Pro Plus in the country. Zomato paused the renewal/purchase of a new Pro Plus membership in August as it was working on a new experience for users. The company was in talks to launch a new program for its users. It seems that the Zomato Gold membership is what the company was hinting at. The food delivering app claims that Zomato Gold combines the best of Pro and Pro Plus into a single membership which means you get the best of both worlds. Let’s check out what Zomato Gold has to offer in place of Zomato Pro Plus membership.

Zomato Gold Price and How to Buy?

Zomato brings back the Gold membership again in India after it ended the same for the Pro Plus program. The company recently ended its 10 min delivery service in the country.

The Zomato Gold membership will be available at an introductory price of Rs 149 per month. The company is yet to reveal the exact pricing for its monthly and annual membership. To buy a Gold membership, a user can open the Zomato app and check out a banner on top of the homepage that says, “Check out the all new Zomato Gold”. All you have to do is tap on it and select Join Gold. Now pay successfully and your membership will be added to your account.

Zomato also states that those who were already Pro Plus members will get three months of complimentary Gold membership for free. Besides that, the company is also offering some amount of free credit to ex-Pro Plus members depending on their usage of the membership.

Zomato Gold Benefits

Zomato is offering several benefits to its users with the Zomato Gold membership to take on its rival Swiggy One. One of the biggest benefits of the Gold membership is free delivery that the company will offer to any restaurant located within 10 km of the delivery location. However, the minimum order needs to be Rs 199 to get the benefit.

Next is ‘No Delay Guarantee’ which means that if your order doesn’t reach to you on time, you can ask Zomato for a Rs 100 coupon which they will credit instantly.

The Indian food delivery app will offer up to 30% extra discount on over 20,000+ restaurants across the country compared to standard users.

Last, Zomato Gold members will be given VIP access during rush hours such as office lunch time, or during any festive season. This means that even when the demand is high, the company will assign you a delivery customer and your order will be prioritised.

For Zomato Gold members who go for dining can avail of up to 40% flat discount across 10,000+ restaurants across India.