Zoom May Expand Into a Calendar and Email Service in 2021: Report

A report suggests that an early version of the product will be released in 2021.

Zoom down

Zoom doesn’t need an introduction in 2020. It is among the products that became essential amid CoVID 19 pandemic. As of now, Zoom only has one product under its umbrella. Now, it looks like that, the company is looking to expand its product portfolio. A new report by The Information suggests that the California based company is gearing up to launch email. The report also claims that we might see an early version of Zoom email in 2021.

Zoom Email might launch in 2021!

Email is not the only product that Zoom is eyeing, the company is exploring a calendar app as well. However, this should not come as a surprise since people have slowly adapted to the pandemic. Companies like Google are already planning to open their campuses again post-summer. As vaccines start rolling out in more countries, there is a high chance that Zoom won’t remain that relevant. The company knows it too, hence it is trying to venture into other categories before people return to their offices/ universities/ schools and stop using any sort of video conferencing service.

Report by The Information also claims that the company is working to build an ecosystem of products such as video calls, email and productivity tools like Calendar. All these upcoming products (if the reports are accurate) put Zoom in direct competition with giants like Microsoft and Google. Considering Gmail, and Outlook already exists, and have a deep level of integration with other products, it will be difficult for Zoom to convince users to switch to their platform. We need to wait for at least a few months to see what Zoom brings to the table in the email space. Which video conferencing app do you use? Will you give Zoom’s upcoming email service a try, or simply stick to your current email service? Do let us know in the comments below.

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