Zoom: How to enable YouTube live streaming on Zoom account and broadcast meetings

Zoom is one of the most flexible video communication tools in the market, and even allows for sessions to be streamed live on social platforms, including YouTube.

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Zoom shot to fame at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced us to work from home and isolate ourselves from crowded surroundings. Fast forward to now, and Zoom and other video conferencing services have become the norm at workplaces.

Not only have remote work practices become convenient, they have also consistently expanded in terms of scope of the things that can be done through it. One such feature, which is now available on all platforms of the service, is the ability to live stream meetings and webinars on YouTube, the internet’s most popular video platform.

Requirements for live streaming Zoom meetings and webinars on YouTube

Before we begin, it is important to note that live streaming to social platforms is a paid feature on Zoom. As a result, you will be required to subscribe to Zoom in order to get access to the feature. For streaming meetings live on YouTube, the requirements are as follows:

  • Host of a meeting should have a licensed account
  • Host can be subscribed to any paid tier, i.e. Enterprise, Education, Business and Pro
  • For webinars, hosts need to add the webinar plugin to their account
  • PC and Mac users need to update the Zoom desktop client must be updated to version 4.4.53582
  • For Android and iOS users, the app must be updated to version 5.4.0
  • YouTube live stream must be enabled from Zoom account settings

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How to live stream Zoom meetings and webinars on YouTube

To enable live streaming of meetings and webinars on YouTube via Zoom, follow these steps:

  • Sign in via browser. Once signed in, click on account management, and select account settings from here
  • Under account settings, find ‘in meeting (advanced)’ as a menu option
  • Here, switch on the toggle that asks you to ‘allow live streaming the meetings’
  • After switching it on, be sure to check that the tick box for YouTube is marked blue
  • For webinars, instead of account settings under account management, click on webinar settings
  • You will see an option called ‘in webinar settings’, and an edit button beside it. Click on this button
  • Check the box that asks you to ‘allow hosts to live stream their webinars’, ensure that YouTube is ticked, and save your settings

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Once all your settings are saved, you may simply return to your Zoom desktop client and start a meeting. On the utility menu at the bottom of the screen, head to the ‘more’ button, which should open a pop-up menu. From this menu, simply select ‘Live on YouTube’, which will open a browser window. Here, key in your YouTube login details, allow Zoom access, and start live streaming your meetings and webinars directly to your entire audience on YouTube.

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