About MySmartPrice

MySmartPrice is a platform which lets you discover the best products across a wide array of categories that include Mobiles, Electronics, Computers, Fashion and Lifestyle, Cameras, Books, Appliances and Personal Care. MySmartPrice was founded in 2010 by Sitakanta Ray and Sulakshan Kumar with the goal of creating the best online shopping research and discovery destination.

Our price comparison engine enables you in finding the best price, as well as deals and offers from all major e-commerce stores in India. Our latest offering, MSP Fashion, assists you in finding the ideal look for any season, and features brands from all over the globe. From the day we started, our aim was to create a unique destination for users looking to buy online, which drives us to focus on one thing above all else: Making it easier for you, the user, to make an informed decision when buying products online.

Today, more than four million users across India make use of the service on a monthly basis to make their shopping decisions easier. Stay in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook to get to know the latest from MSP.

MySmartPrice's Team

Abrar Syed A Neck For Bugs An NRI dude who thought it was cool to work in an Indian startup. Joined us for the cool factor, but stayed for the free food and snacks. Every time he tries to work out, he injures himself.
Anudeep Reddy Algorithm Wizard When not working you can find him watching movies and sitcoms, but the one thing he never misses is an opportunity to follow cricket. He graduated from BITS, and decided life is good in a startup. He's very quiet, but start a conversation on cricket or gaming, he joins in.
Arshad Mohammed Bhai Arshad Bhai is the guy we go to for tracking down bugs and advice on hats. You have to look far and wide to find somebody who likes Steve Jobs more than he does. His sense of style can only be described as eclectic, but he stands by it.
Arun Chinnachamy
Arun Chinnachamy Best-selling Author Arun did his B.E Chemical Engg. from BITS-Pilani but then decided that programming pays better. He says that he isn't a fanboy, but don't say anything bad about the iPad. He can be usually found giving relationship advice, and is quite good at it. Did we also mention that he's an author?
Ashwin Sreekumar Jedi Knight Ashwin is a social networking nut. We're not exaggerating. He is the only non-geek guy in our tech startup, and is often at loggerheads with the rest of us. The one day YouTube didn't work in the office, he went home.
Asif Iqbal Famous Technology Blogger Computer Science graduate with ZERO coding skills who found his niche as a technology blogger. While normal guys dream about girls, he dreams about gadgets. We're not kidding. Anytime he isn't reading, he is making news.
Harish Jonnalagadda The Sarcastic One He has more pairs of shoes than trousers. An ardent Arsenal fan who never played football till date and a geeky guy who can't code. We always know when he's working (and when he's not) as he has the loudest keyboard in the office.
Sujahid Mohammed Chota Chetan Sujahid is jovial and doesn't talk all that much. That could be because he is the youngest guy here, but then again it might be because he is the only sane one in the office. Not to be confused with Mujahid, his older brother, who used to work with us.
Paras Katoch Gym/Lover Paras is an engineer turned MBA guy who is obsessive about working out in the gym. He joined us after a stint at a popular retail chain, which he left in a hurry, as quite a lot of girls were chasing him. If you need any deals or offers, he is the guy to talk to.
Pradyumndev Jodha Doga Pradyumndev always had a desire to act in Telugu movies, but settled for a day job with us. He is allergic to programming, so he ended up catching and fighting bugs. When he's not busy Saving Indian Comics, he is found talking about NaMo.
Ranjan Banerjee Fashion Guru Ranjan went to IIT-B, where he learned a lot of fundas he shares with the rest of us. We can always locate him by his laugh, no matter where he is in the office.
Rohit Agrawal Agarwal Sweets Rohit thinks of himself as a gadget maniac, but we kinda doubt that. He is Shopclues' biggest customer. He doesn't finish a meal without a side serving of Bhujia Sev.
Rohit Ramesh Babaji Rohit is yet another guy who went to BITS (we secretly worry that Arun is building a sect within the office). He's high on life, quite literally. Since we already had another Rohit in the office, we decided to call him R2. He doesn't mind. Much.
Sangita Tiwari From Textiles To Taxation Sangita is the one who declutters tax codes and regulations, which makes the rest of us heave a collective sigh. She is a textile engineer turned financial consultant whose story will make for a riveting Bollywood movie. And she is also a great conversationalist.
Shravani Bokka The Workaholic By now, you should've guessed where Shravani went to college. If you're still wondering, its BITS (Arun is very thorough). She is the only one in the office who actually asks for more work, making the rest of us look bad.
Sitakanta Ray Forget Me Not He focuses on so many things that he forgets most of them. Leaves his mobile in the office and goes home most of the time, then wonders as to where it is. Let's not forget that he is the co-founder.
Sulakshan Kumar Carwale He loves automobiles. But he doesn't find the time to indulge in his passion all that much, as his other passion, a small startup called MySmartPrice, takes up an awful lot of his time.
Venkat Thangi Hot Water Aficionado The Most Expensive guy in the company. (PERIOD) and hates Arun Saar for his gaining popularity!
Katragadda Venkata Sandeep Tag Em and Bag Em Until now, we thought that Anudeep was the silent one, then we met Sandeep. Must be something to do with the similarity in their names.
Sidharth Kalra Reluctant Gamer Sidharth worked at Samsung, but we forgive him for that. He's been down to Korea a few times (the one with the better football team), along with a host of Nordic countries. And in between globe-trotting, he found the time to go to ISB and meet Nidhi.
Nidhi Giroti Fashionista Nidhi is our in-house fashion consultant, and can actually differentiate between different shades of blue. She brings a sense of structure to the choas that is the world of fashion.
Puja Nayak Hand Of God The hand you see in our video reviews? It belongs to her. She reads a lot of novels, but the mushy kind which fall in the romance category.
Deepak Jain In-house Celebrity Deepak goes by @Djain1989, his Twitter handle. He is also Truecaller's Indian brand ambassador, and gets free hoodies from them for carrying their logo.
Dnyanesh Mankar Nano Dnyanesh joined as a UI designer, but then decided that he liked shooting video reviews instead. He also has the distinction of having a name that nobody in the office can pronounce correctly. And no one can touch his monitors.
Preeti Pooja Pretty Pooja
Karthik Kalyanasundaram Guardian Of The Gate Karthik was Sulakshan's protege at Oracle, so it wasn't all that diffucult to convince him to join us. He is originally from Sivakasi, so we're eagerly waiting to see if he scores us free firecrackers.
Apurve Gupta Gentle Giant When asked about where he was from, he said, "I am an Indian." He likes ergonomic keyboards and mice, and requested for a mechanical keyboard. We instead let him use his own Acer wireless mouse at work.
Yashwant Golecha Idling Brain Barely a month into his job, he decided to launch a Save Indian Comics initiative to promote lesser-known Indian comics. When not educating us about Indian comics, he does voiceovers for our Hindi video reviews.
Gouthami Bandlamudi Fashionably Fastidious Gouthami is very silent. Doesn't talk to the rest of us all that much. That might just be because she's actually working most of the time.
Saurabh Raje The Windows Guy Saurabh is the quintessential Microsoft fanboy (a breed that has thinned out over the years). He uses a Windows Phone handset, OneDrive instead of Google Drive and integrates Office into his daily life.