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Updated On: 3rd September 2014

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Rs. 2000 - Rs. 2499
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Huawei Data Cards Price List in India
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Huawei Data Cards Price in India 2013
BestsellersBest Selling huawei Data Cards (View All)
Great Deal!Deal
Huawei E3131B Data Card
Rs. 1,180
From 3 stores
    Great Deal!Deal
    Huawei E173 3G USB Datacard
    Rs. 849
    From 3 stores
      Huawei E3121 3G Data Card
      Rs. 1,320
      From 3 stores
        Huawei E303FH Data Card
        Rs. 1,179
        From 5 stores
          Huawei E303U Wi-Fi Datacard
          Rs. 1,312
          From 3 stores
            Huawei E3531s Data Card
            Rs. 1,450
            From 5 stores
              Huawei E8231 Data Card
              Rs. 1,832
              From 7 stores
                Huawei Power-Fi E8221s Datacard
                Rs. 1,679
                From 6 stores
                  Huawei E5331 3G Data Card
                  Rs. 4,290
                  From 1 store
                    Huawei E355s-1 Wifi Dongle Datacard
                    Rs. 3,990
                    From 1 store
                      Huawei E5151 3G Data Card
                      Rs. 4,399
                      From 4 stores
                        Huawei E5220 Data Card
                        Rs. 3,199
                        From 7 stores
                          Huawei E303C Datacard
                          Rs. 1,170
                          From 3 stores
                            Huawei E5730 3G Data Card
                            Rs. 5,450
                            From 3 stores
                              Huawei E369 HiMini Datacard
                              Rs. 4,699
                              From 1 store
                                Huawei E392 4G Data Card
                                Rs. 3,400
                                From 1 store
                                  Huawei E367 Data Card
                                  Rs. 3,199
                                  From 1 store
                                    Huawei E368 3G Data Card
                                    Rs. 3,199
                                    From 1 store
                                      Huawei Wingle E8131 Wi-Fi Data Card
                                      Rs. 2,999
                                      From 1 store
                                        Great Deal!Deal
                                        Huawei E1820 Data Card
                                        Rs. 2,899
                                        From 1 store
                                          Huawei E1756 3G Data Card
                                          Rs. 1,999
                                          From 1 store
                                            Huawei M21-1 Data Card
                                            Rs. 1,399
                                            From 1 store
                                              Huawei E352 21.6 Mbps Datacard
                                              Rs. 1,129
                                              From 1 store
                                                Huawei E352 14.4 Mbps Datacard
                                                Rs. 1,073
                                                From 1 store
                                                  Great Deal!Deal
                                                  Huawei E3276 4G Data Card
                                                  Rs. 1,021
                                                  From 1 store
                                                    Huawei E173 3G Data Card
                                                    Rs. 1,019
                                                    From 1 store
                                                      Huawei E1752 3G Datacard
                                                      Rs. 999
                                                      From 1 store

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