Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points?

Ketan Pratap

Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen is official and it looks like the previous-gen but there are plenty of improvements that we will talk about in our review.

The audio quality of the Echo Dot 5th Gen audio is way better than the 4th Gen Dot. It produces crystal-clear vocals and delivers an excellent bass boost.

It supports multiple music streaming platforms and can also play music from your smartphone on the Echo Dot via Bluetooth.

It is now equipped with ultrasound motion detection that can be set to automatically turn smart LED lights on.

The temperature sensor in it can be used to set up to turn on the AC automatically when it gets warm inside the room.

Although, we wish that Amazon could have tweaked the design a bit and provided the 3.5mm headphone jack.

At Rs 5,499, the Amazon Echo Dot 5th Gen is an impressive smart speaker with a wide range of features.