F1 22 Review Highlights

Shubham Raheja

F1 Life is a new lifestyle simulator that allows you to choose your off-track look, residence, and even garage.

You may compete with up to ten supercars in three modes: career events, Hot Laps, and time trials.

The track surfaces have improved dramatically, and the game no longer glitches out critical sections.

The game may be quite annoying for those using controllers, especially in cambered turns like Bahrain's turn 10.

F1 22 has adaptive AI, which learns your driving behaviours and adjusts to your degree of difficulty.

We were also pleased to see that the game no longer has a single audio theme.

Career game types are lifted directly from F1 21, with just minor changes to gameplay and aesthetics.

For newbies, F1 22 is incredibly appealing. It has supercars, fantastic visuals, and a great handling model.