How to  Use WhatsApp on 4 Devices

Shubham Dutt

WhatsApp has given users the most requested feature, Companion Mode. Here’s what it means and how you can use it.

The Companion mode allows a user to log in to the same WhatsApp accounts on up to 4 phones.

If your primary device is inactive for a long period, WhatsApp will automatically log you out of all companion devices.

Here’re the steps to do so. First, download WhatsApp on your secondary device.

Second, on the login page, tap on three dots in the top right corner and select Link to Existing Account or Link a Device.

Now, on your primary device, tap on three dots in top right corner and select Linked Devices.

Tap on Link a Device and scan the QR code on the secondary phone. Your WhatsApp account will load on the phone.