Infinix InBook X1 Pro Review Highlights


The 14-inch FullHD display on the InBook X1 Pro meets the minimum requirements for a good multimedia experience. The display only supports NTSC, and the colour output pales in comparison to that of devices like the RealmeBook.

The keyboard is backlit, with anti-slip rubber coating on the keycaps, and is laid out in a way that allows for comfortable typing. However the keys themselves are squeaky with non-uniform travel. The trackpad is usable, although it resists your fingers and the tracking isn't completely accurate.

The Infinix InBook X1 Pro is likeable right away. An anodized aluminium body protects the laptop. The lid is composed of metal and has a dual-tone finish with a subtle Infinix logo carved on it. Even the chassis is metal, and there's plenty of room for your palm to rest.

The InBook X1 Pro supports 65W rapid charging and comes with a portable USB PD 65W Type-C charger that can charge the battery to 70% capacity in under an hour. Infinix has included a 55Whr battery that lasts 4-5 hours at maximum brightness when browsing and listening to music over the loudspeaker.

The 10th Generation Intel processors are coupled with M.2 SSD storage and LPDDR4X RAM in the Infinix InBook X1 Pro series. Checking and responding to emails, researching information, working on office documents, and attending online classes will be a breeze with the Core i7 InBook X1 Pro. It does not, however, provide the smoothest Windows 11 experience.

The Infinix InBook X1 Pro is far from ideal, with a few quirks and compromises, but when you consider that it's their debutant attempt, the laptop feels like a respectable offering for the price.