iPhone 15, 15 Plus May Get Huge Camera Upgrades

Shubham Dutt

One of the biggest pros of buying an iPhone is its camera. iPhone captures some of the best photos on a smartphone.

The iPhone 14 was launched with a 12MP main sensor whereas the iPhone 14 Pro featured a 48MP sensor.

This was the first time Apple used a higher-megapixel sensor than 12MP on its iPhone. The company now has a bigger plan for 2023.

Apple will launch iPhone 15 series later this year around September. We have more details about the camera.

The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will reportedly use the 48MP sensor that was reserved earlier for the Pro models.

Higher resolution sensor on the base models means that they will have new camera features including support for 48MP ProRAW.

It will be the first major camera resolution upgrade since the iPhone 6s for the baseline model.