LG Tone Free FP9 TWS Buds Review Highlights

Shubham Raheja

Since about a year ago, LG's approach to TWS earbuds has been a little different from others – it's been about keeping them clean. Here's our review of LG's latest attempt at TWS, the LG Tone Free FP9 TWS Buds.


The Tone Free FP9s have a trendy but straightforward design. The actual earbuds are constructed completely of plastic. They are remarkably small and comfortable in our ear canals.


Even though the bass is present, the LG TWS sound neutral, it doesn't automatically cut into the mix. If you want the extra oomph, you’ll have to dive into the Tone Free app and select Immersive or Bass Boost presets.


The mic quality of these earbuds was also fantastic. We happily migrated to the FP9s because we rarely had to repeat ourselves during calls and the feedback we received from the other end was satisfactory.


Although decent, the ANC implementation falls short of the competitors. To reduce background noise, each bud has two microphones. There are three noise cancelling settings available here: low, high, and off.


The Tone Free app from LG is really easy to use and offers significant versatility and customizability. You can adjust the EQ, switch between ANC modes, personalise the taps, and more.


The FP9s offered us an average playtime of roughly five hours with ANC on High, which is not very impressive. Four additional hours of playtime is possible if the ANC is disabled, which is respectable.


These are far more entertaining than similar-priced alternatives, albeit at the expense of battery life and overall volume.