Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max Review Highlights

Shubham Dutt

The Colorfit Pro 4 Max is a high-end smartwatch featuring a square-shaped casing, a mic, and a  button.

Sleep tracking is precise and can even track mid-day naps. There is also a stress level indicator, which, like other timepieces, is difficult to verify.

The display is adequate, however despite the enormous screen size, the icons and text are tiny and too close together.

The smartwatch has high-quality silicone straps that can be swapped out for any other 22mm strap.

The Noise Colorfit Pro 4 Max offers the Quick Reply feature, however it is only available in Android apps, which is disappointing for iOS users.

The battery life on the Colorfit Pro 4 Max is not so impressive and could have been better. 

If you have a big wrist and want a bigger watch to fill it up, go for the Color Pro 4 Max.