Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review

Shubham Raheja

It was a pleasure to carry the Flip 4 about in our pockets, and the handy form factor made it simple to use on a daily basis.


The Flip 4's primary display is stunning, with excellent vibrance, contrast, and saturation. The cover display, however, is taken directly from the Z Flip 3, with minor software upgrades.


Our device was initially quite responsive, and we had no problems utilising the camera or navigating the UI. But now we're having random heating problems, and even the simplest tasks seem to take forever.


In true Samsung form, the camera captures great, detailed photos with somewhat vibrant colours during the day. During the day, both cameras, like the Z Fold 4, have comparable colour tuning.


If you're attempting to vlog, Flex mode can be quite handy. The Handycam grip can be beneficial for creating vertical material, so full marks to Samsung for thinking beyond the box.

Camera Features

Although the battery cannot be used for a complete day, it is nevertheless outstanding given its size and the quality of the display.


It's a far more rational purchasing decision than the Fold in every sense, be it price or form factor. It also draws a lot of attention.