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Updated On: 3rd March 2015

Lg Mobile Price List 2014

LG Flex 4G
Rs. 61,100
LG G Flex
Rs. 35,793
LG G3 16GB
Rs. 35,249
LG G3 32GB
Rs. 33,959
LG G Pro 2
Rs. 28,899
LG G2 (32 GB)
Rs. 27,952
LG Optimus G Pro
Rs. 23,994
LG Nexus 4
Rs. 22,795
LG Optimus G
Rs. 22,309
LG Optimus 4X
Rs. 21,700
Rs. 21,292
LG Optimus Vu
Rs. 21,225
LG D410
Rs. 19,000
LG G3 Stylus
Rs. 15,899
LG G3 Beat
Rs. 14,980
LG Optimus L9
Rs. 14,453
LG L Bello D335
Rs. 11,862
LG F60
Rs. 11,199
LG L90
Rs. 9,950
LG L Fino D295
Rs. 9,900
LG F70
Rs. 9,871
LG L80
Rs. 9,799
LG E612
Rs. 9,319
LG L70
Rs. 8,840
LG W100 (4GB)
Rs. 8,786
LG T325
Rs. 7,425
LG L 60i X137
Rs. 5,899
LG L60
Rs. 5,699
LG L45 (4GB)
Rs. 5,199
LG T515
Rs. 4,690
LG Buzz GB210
Rs. 4,100
LG T585
Rs. 4,045
LG A390
Rs. 3,349

Notes / Disclaimer
  • Prices mentioned above are the best (least) price available for each mobile across all stores. To get prices across all stores please select (click) a given mobile.
  • Prices may vary from store to store and from place to place based on different tax rates.
  • Prices shown above are with bill and warranty.
  • In case of any issues or discrepancy please contact us.