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I5 Laptop Price List

Nowadays, an Intel Core i5 processor is a clear expectation even in medium price band. All popular brands offer laptops with this processor starting with a very budget-friendly price tag. On the whole, there are 35544 Core i5 processor-powered laptops in the below price list that is regularly updated, last on 5th July 2020, to include the most recent ones as well. An i5 5th generation laptop works best with 8GB RAM that further enhances the performance. Not all, but a fair majority of Core i5 processor laptops have an excellent storage capacity of 1TB. Some of them have 500GB storage while others have quality SSD storages. Add to it; you will get to choose from a wide range of brands including top rated ones like HP, Dell, Acer, ASUS with Windows operating system and Apple with Mac operating system. Buy an i5 Windows laptop online from any of the above brands at the lowest price.

Intel Core i5 price list in India (second generation or 2nd gen)