MSP Presents Home Appliance Satisfaction Study 2024: LG and Samsung Lead Market Share and Satisfaction Parameters in Washing Machines


As the leading gadget research website across categories, MySmartPrice continuously delves deep into understanding evolving consumer behaviour, usage patterns, and more. This time, we are focusing on the Home Appliance category, comprising refrigerators, washing machines, and ACs. 

Today, we will be discussing the washing machine category based on the survey responses from over 10,000 users. We asked users questions about which brand’s washing machines they use, what type of washing machine they use, how satisfied they are with their washing machine, the frequency of issues they have faced, the quality of after-sales support, brand loyalty, and more. So without further ado, let's talk about what's happening with the washing machines market in India, based on the insights from the MySmartPrice Home Appliance Satisfaction Study 2024.

Ownership Trends in Washing Machines

LG and Samsung have the highest market share

  • As per the survey responses, the brand with the highest user base in India is LG with a 25.6% market share. It is followed by Samsung with a market share of 17.9%. 
  • The third biggest brand is BPL, which has less than half the market share of the second biggest brand. 
  • Interestingly, the rest of the major brands such as Whirlpool, Godrej, IFB, Haier, and Bosch have almost the same market share, with percentages ranging from 4.9% to 6.1%. 

All types of washing machines are popular among users

Interestingly, all three types of washing machines – Washer-dryer combo and top load have the same market share at 31.5%, with the front load washing machine segment edging out the other two slightly with a 37.5% market share.

Fully automatic washing machines are preferred by most users

It is also interesting to note that 7 out of 10 people who participated in the survey use fully automatic washing machines. This includes both the front-load and top-load washing machines. 

4 in 10 users have owned washing machines for more than 3 years

  • Another interesting metric from this survey is how long one has had their washing machine.
  • Almost a third of the total users, i.e., 30.1% of the users had their current washing machine for less than a year.
  • But on the other end, over 40% of users have been using the washing machine for over 3 years, which suggests that there’s a considerable userbase which may look for an upgrade soon. 

Buying Trends in Washing Machines

6 out of 10 people bought their washing machine from offline stores

  • With the advent of e-commerce platforms, most people buy their phones from online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. But the same isn't the case with large appliances like washing machines as almost 60% of people have bought their washing machines from offline retail stores.
  • The majority of 33% of people in the survey said they bought their washing machine from large offline retail stores like Croma, Reliance Digital, etc. Smaller local offline stores are right behind with a share of 31%, followed by exclusive offline brand outlets (LG, IFB, Godrej, etc.). 
  • E-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. trail slightly behind online brand stores of brands like Samsung, Whirlpool, etc. as slightly more people (10.7%) buy from online brand stores than traditional e-commerce stores (10.5%). 

More than 65% of users have some kind of insurance or protection plan

  • Having a protection plan is considered an important thing by users of large appliances, as more than 65% of the respondents have some kind of protection or insurance plan for their washing machine. 
  • 36.2% of the people who responded to the survey have an extended warranty plan, while 18% of them have an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), and 12% of the people have a damage protection plan. 
  • However, 3 in 10 people surveyed do not have any kind of insurance or protection plan.

After-Sales Experience for Washing Machines

Samsung has the highest % of people satisfied with their washing machines

  • One of the most important metrics in this survey is the user satisfaction score. This denotes the percentage of users happy with the washing machine they bought. 
  • Samsung leads the chart with 84.73% of users being happy with their purchase. LG trails behind with a user satisfaction score of 84.42%, and Voltas Beko grabbed the third spot with a user satisfaction score of 83.33%.

Samsung users faced the least issues

  • Another important metric we surveyed is the frequency of issues. We check the percentage of people who haven't faced any issues with their washing machine. 
  • Samsung leads the pack yet again with 52.70% of people surveyed have not had any issues with their machine. 
  • Voltas Beko is the next brand in the list with 50% of people having had no issues. 
  • The next set of brands comes after a noticeable gap with Videocon at 35%, Whirlpool at 32.46%, and LG at 29.26%.

It is the easiest to complain with LG's service centre

  • In case of any issues, the first thing you have to do is complain to the brand. However, the ease of complaining isn't the same across the brands, as noted by the users in our survey. 
  • Users rated LG as the best brand among the lot with 83.37% of the users saying that it is easiest to complain to.
  • Voltas Beko is the second on the list with 83.33%, and Samsung follows at the third position with 81.90%. 

Samsung has the best technician response time

  • We asked the users about the service technician’s response time. Users were asked whether the technician visited within one day of raising a complaint. 
  • To this question, 51.57% of Samsung customers said that they visited within 1 day and LG comes second with 50.11%. 
  • 50% of users of Siemens, Toshiba, and Voltas Beko said that the technicians visited within a day of complaining as well.

Samsung has the highest percentage of users saying their technicians are competent

  • The technician arriving on time just isn't enough, they should be competent to solve your issues. To understand the same, we asked the level of competency of the service technicians to the users. 
  • Samsung has the highest percentage of users saying that the service technicians are competent with a percentage of 35.14%. 
  • It is closely followed by LG at 36% and Videocon at 35%. 

Samsung has the best after-sales service and support

  • We also asked the people whether they were satisfied with the after-sales support provided by their respective brands. 
  • Samsung has the best after-sales service and support, with 89.10% of the users being happy with them. 
  • LG comes close behind with 88.79% of people being happy with the after-sales and support, and Bosch comes third with 86.32% of the people being happy. 

Brand Loyalty for Washing Machines

Samsung has the highest customer loyalty

  • Customer loyalty is crucial for a brand’s success, for all brands want their customers to buy their products again and again. So we asked the people about whether they will buy the next washing machine from the current brand they own again or not. 
  • Samsung came on top with 69.55% of people surveyed saying that they will buy from the Korean giant again. 
  • Bosch is the second brand in the list with a close margin of 69.47% and Croma is the third with 67.14% of users saying that they'd buy the brand again.

Did you find any interesting insights about India’s washing machine market? Do let us know in the comments below, and be sure to be back to see the macro trends in the air conditioner and refrigerator category.