Dell XPS 13 9310  Review


The 13-inch 4K touch panel is undoubtedly one of the best laptop displays we've seen this year, coming perilously close to the MacBook displays. Whether you're editing a white Word doc or viewing a movie, everything you do on this screen seems very rich and colourful.

With the exception of the arrow keys, everything else is standard size, and typing on this seems as natural as ever. The keys themselves are springy, tactile and normally silent, save for a few squeaks here and there. The glass trackpad is the finest we've experienced on a Windows laptop.

The XPS 13 runs admirably and is comparable to other thin and light ultrabooks we've evaluated this year. The Core i7 configuration is capable of compiling complicated code, editing RAW photographs from a DSLR, and even casual gaming.

The XPS family has become synonymous with the highest-end laptop designs, with the XPS 13 achieving cult status for combining a sumptuous finish with uncompromising performance. In its arctic white guise, the XPS 13 feels robust, crisp, and stylish.

The XPS 13's battery life is far from the 11 hours you'd expect from an Evo machine, but it's still respectable for such a brilliant display and a Core i7 CPU. We got in a good 5 hours of screen time by responding to emails, watching YouTube videos, and editing photos in Lightroom.

While we loved our time with the XPS 13's maxed-out configuration, we didn't think it was worth the hefty price tag. It's still incredibly portable, stunningly bright and colourful, and quite lovely to handle and feel. It's a piece of art, and excellent art costs a lot of money.

Review Score - 6.4